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How are Tech Giants Innovating with AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence has been creating buzz for the past decade. Many questioned about how it will make human life easier and what its dark side is. However, the capabilities of AI kept astonishing us and paving the way for innovations in the present technology. Tech giants are working to implement Artificial Intelligence concepts in their own way. It will be very interesting to see what exciting features they will bring with their new products. Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have attained tremendous success in winning the hearts of people with their techie products. They have millions of users who expect the consistent advancements from them. Moving to AI brings a big change not only to fulfill users’ expectations but also to get ahead in the competitive market.
Apple makes secrecy exception
According to Bloomberg, Apple made a significant exception to its general-secretive practices and allowed its Artificial Intelligence team to publish research papers on the subject for the first time last year. It is expected that Apple would develop AI features for its virtual assistant Siri with more capabilities across iOS and MacOS. However, Siri lost the competition from its rivals Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. The company is working on the face recognition system with Artificial Intelligence research.
Facebook explains foundational concepts
Facebook’s head of Artificial Intelligence research Yann LeCun released a series of educational videos that outlines how Artificial Intelligence works. “AI is not magic, but we have already seen how it can make seemingly magical advances in scientific research and contribute to the everyday marvel of identifying objects in photos, recognizing speech, driving a car or translating an online post into dozens of languages,” LeCun wrote in a blog post. Recently, Facebook incorporated Artificial Intelligence in its search feature to find photos by describing them. Users don’t need to rely on tags now.
Google bakes machine learning into apps
Google is investing in Artificial Intelligence for various purposes, as it has various kinds of products. Google’s self-driving car Waymo, which is featured with Artificial Intelligence, may generate more attention. But, the small features in Google Apps will add more people to a bigger impact. It is expected from Google that it would extend more AI-driven features in image search and video search.
Microsoft shares progress
Microsoft shared progress in Artificial Intelligence development with a specific focus on conversational computing. Notably, the company is investing in AI for almost 25 years. The company says it’s adding new tools to make it easier to create a bot with cognitive functions and natural-language processing. According to Microsoft, it offers Calendar service to simplify the task of scheduling meetings and Cortana device to make digital assistant available to hardware manufacturers.
Smart chatbots and intelligent apps are expected to appear on the surface soon. These researches and developments of AI by the engineers are very promising and disruptive. Every tech giant is investing more and pushing Artificial Intelligence in their products, though their ways are different. As Mark Zuckerberg predicts, “AI systems will be more accurate at reading senses than the human nervous system within a decade.

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Dipesh Choubisa