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Honey: Revolutionizing and Democratizing Communication

By helping people become more successful at work and providing clearer communication channels between colleagues, Honey is revolutionizing and democratizing the way fast-growing, savvy teams communicate. Founded at an award-winning design agency in Brooklyn, Honey gives employees a simple, central location to find all company information and updates they need.
Honey – a simple, modern intranet
Honey is a simple, design-focused intranet platform that helps companies shape their culture, manage internal communications, and maintain transparency — especially during periods of high-growth. Companies like Lyft, LearnVest, Huge, and Lowe’s use Honey every day to keep their teams connected. Honey functions as a company hive, allowing teams to organize and manage all internal communications in a simple way. With integrations to chat apps like Slack and file sharing platforms like Google Drive, Honey effortlessly becomes the central location for all critical company information. The most successful companies using Honey share three main types of content:

  • Announcements – Important updates from senior leadership, company newsletters, and time-sensitive events like open enrollment
  • Resources – Content like logo files, employee handbooks, company policies, and seating charts
  • Social – The fun stuff, too! Like work anniversaries, new hires, promotions, happy hours, and holiday party photos

More than just a great product
Honey is all about reducing friction at work – for employees who need to find information and for managers who need to create it. This philosophy of making things simpler, easier, and friendlier translates to their customer relationships, sales process, internal company culture, and, of course, their product. Most of their growth has actually come through client referrals, recommended frequently on HR forums, Slack channels, and LinkedIn Groups. Plus – when Honey users move on to new companies, they frequently take Honey along with them. As a result, Honey has built loyal relationships with its users, even when they move on to new ventures.
What Honey’s customers are saying
Honey’s fresh approach to the stale intranet space has not gone unnoticed. Honey was crowned the winner of the Global Startup City Demos competition at Internet Week, New York, and received the top honor at the Ultralight Startup Competition. And, more importantly, they have the customers to vouch for their excellence.
“Honey’s interface is beautiful! I’ve used similar platforms in the past at other employers, and I think Honey does it best.”  – Digital Strategist, full service communications agency, Philadelphia
“I’m not sure how you guys do it, but I feel like every time I think of something to add to Honey, it’s already in the works. Wow, you guys are amazing” – Executive Project Manager, mobile ad tech company, San Francisco
“We did an informal poll at today’s staff meeting about how happy people are with Honey and there were only positive replies. It has cut down on a massive amount of emails, and it is so much more fun. Everyone is very happy with it! Thank you so much” – Operations Director, nonprofit organization, Denver
Leadership and the event that gave birth to ‘Honey’
Honey was founded by Rachel Kaplowitz (CEO), Chip Kellam (CTO), Alison Morris (VP, Customer Experience), and Jason Tiernan (Head of Design), while they were working together at Huge, a digital agency in Brooklyn. As part of a 1,000+ person global team, they knew how hard it was for everybody to stay on the same page and know what was happening across the agency. When they looked into buying an intranet, they were disappointed with the outdated designs, the clunky functionality, and the complicated set up involved with the available solutions. So, they decided to build their own. Turns out, they weren’t the only company struggling to find a perfect solution!
Honey’s Vision
Honey’s vision is a simple and powerful one – they want to be the most trusted work product in their clients’ lives.
From a product perspective, Honey is the place employees turn to get the information they need, when and how they need it. From a customer perspective, Honey is the first call when their users have questions about scaling their internal communication strategy as they double their headcount or go through a major company event. Finally, from a team culture perspective, Honey is the place where employees have a voice, understand their work matters, and confidently know they have the support and appreciation of their colleagues.
Future Goal
It’s becoming easier and cheaper than ever to create and share meaningful, high-quality content for internal company use. As more content is created and distributed over channels designed for quick, real-time communication – like Slack and email – it will become imperative for companies to implement a solution for evergreen and strategic content so their employees can actually find critical information! Honey’s integrations with Slack, email, and file sharing platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox, positions Honey as the clear solution. As this trend in high-volume content continues to grow, Honey will continue to be established as the must-have tool for company communication.
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