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Hitachi Systems Security: Converged Cybersecurity Solutions

Managed Security Services refers to services outsourced by enterprises to fulfill their cyber security requirements, often due to lack of in-house personnel, limited security expertise or budgetary constraints. It embeds various functions including 24/7 threat monitoring, regular security reporting and incident response. According to one research, around 74 % organizations manage security services in house, but 82% of them have agreed they have either partnered or are planning to partner with a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP).
Hitachi Systems Security Inc., was founded in 1999 and is a global IT security service provider that builds and delivers customized cybersecurity services to monitor and protect the most critical and sensitive IT assets in its clients’ infrastructures 24/7. The objective of the enterprise is to deploy information security solutions that protect the customer’s brand, and allow them to harness the full potential of connecting people and businesses together.
Hitachi Systems Security, formerly known as “Above Security”, was acquired by Hitachi Systems, Ltd. in 2015. From its five Security Operations Centres (SOCs) in Canada, the U.S.A., Mexico, Japan and Switzerland, Hitachi Systems Security has accumulated experience guarding the critical data of private and public entities in over 50 countries around the world.
The Torchbearer 
Akira Kusakabe is the President and CEO of Hitachi Systems Security. He is an experienced leader with over 30 years of experience in corporate management, sales and marketing, information and communication technology. In his current position in the company, Akira’s efforts focus on defining the strategic long and mid-term strategic goals of the company, aligning the goals and objectives of Hitachi Systems Security Inc. and Hitachi Systems, Ltd., in order to expand the global reach to become a globally recognized leader in the information security space.
After having joined Hitachi, Ltd. back in 1983, Akira has held a variety of positions in different Hitachi Group Companies to help achieve Hitachi’s mission of contribution to society through the development of superior, original technology and products. For instance, he played a key role in helping to grow Hitachi America and Hitachi Mexico, and he served as CEO of Hitachi Group Companies in South America at Hitachi Brazil.
Offering Comprehensive Security Solutions 
Hitachi Security Systems offers two major types of cybersecurity services:

  1. 24/7 Managed Security Services 

Hitachi Systems Security provides a full-scale Managed Security Service (MSS) that protects its client’s most valuable IT assets and data. The company’s managed security services, which are offered through its proprietary ArkAngel risk management program, are built to address its client’s growing IT security needs and to offer them the highest standard of protection with a Service Level Agreement customized to their needs and business requirements. Hitachi Systems Security’s MSS offering helps clients: Hitachi Systems Security: Converged Cybersecurity Solutions

  • Detect, mitigate and prevent threats while keeping their network protected at all times
  • Extend their team and respond to incidents with 24/7 available security experts
  • Meet compliance or regulatory requirements
  • Get the best protection possible at a fraction of the cost of in-house security monitoring

The core services of MSS include 24/7 Real-Time Threat Monitoring, Monthly Security Reporting, 24/7 Access to Ark Angel Services, Monthly Service Review Meeting, Dedicated Information Security Specialist, Secure Communications Channel, Secure Retention of Sensible Documents, Security Control Integration, Business Detection Rule Implementation, 2- Hour Incident Escalation Guarantee and Control-Based Approach. Depending on the specific business context and requirements of its clients, Hitachi Systems Security also offers add-on services, including Vulnerability Management, Cyber security Analytics Dashboard, Office 365 Cloud Security Monitoring, ATM and POS Monitoring, File Integrity Monitoring, Security Device Management, Phishing Protection and Intrusion Detection Monitoring.

  1. Professional Consulting Services

Unlike 24/7 managed security services, professional services are project-based engagements carried out by the team of Hitachi Systems Security’s certified Security Consultants. The Cybersecurity Posture Assessment is one of the most popular professional services of the company. It provides an overall view of the organization’s internal and external security posture by integrating all the facets of cybersecurity into only one comprehensive assessment approach. It is meant to improve the company’s cybersecurity posture through gap analysis and concrete recommendations. Other professional services include:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • PCI/GDPR Compliance Assessments
  • Security Program Review & Development
  • Web Application Assessments
  • Control Assessments

Focusing on Differentiation 
According to Hitachi Systems Security, operational technology (OT) security is becoming increasingly important as the OT domain has become more exposed to cyberthreats. OT is a combination of hardware and software to control physical devices. In its origins, Hitachi, Ltd. is principally an OT company, so Hitachi Systems Security has a differentiating position to service these technologies and types of markets. It anticipated the market by focusing on delivering converged cybersecurity services for the IT, OT and IoT environment at the same time. This approach to delivering integrated security solutions is unique in the market.
Long-Term Security Partnerships 
Security has been the exclusive focus of Hitachi Systems Security throughout their existence. The challenges of the company are that the cybersecurity space is inundated and very competitive. The company positions itself to be different as it offers an integrated approach to security services and is not interested in short-term selling but long-term partnerships with its global customer base. One of the other major challenges of cybersecurity industries in general is the skills shortage, as many organizations are struggling to find the necessary resources to secure their operations.
The Future of Converged Cybersecurity 
Hitachi Systems Security’s vision is to optimize the customers’ cybersecurity posture continuously through a variety of targeted security services in order to secure their business and propel it to the next level. According to the company, it is leading the next wave of integrated cybersecurity by amalgamating IT security, OT security, organizational security and physical security. It is committed to supporting and securing IT, OT and IoT environments as part of Hitachi’s social innovation vision.
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