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HID Global – A One-Stop-Solution for Trusted Identity Solutions

With its profound impact on security, productivity, and convenience, the Identity and Security industries have been among the most rapidly growing industries in the recent past. In today’s connected world, having an identity technology solution in place that you can trust enhances day-to-day living and work life by creating many more opportunities and encouraging stronger communities. At the center of this industry, HID Global stands tall among its contemporaries with its trusted identity solutions, which are used in both physical and digital environments. They make it possible for its millions of customers, across 100 countries, to transact safely, work productively and travel freely.
HID Global’s trusted identity solutions give people secure and convenient access to physical and digital places and allows them to connect to things that can be accurately identified, verified and tracked digitally. Their products and services are used by millions of users worldwide, helping them to navigate through their everyday lives. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, HID Global comprises a workforce of over 3000 employees worldwide and operates with international offices that support more than 100 countries. HID Global is a brand under the ASSA ABLOY Group.
Delivering Solutions and Services with Accuracy
HID Global is primarily focused on creating customer value and is the preferred supplier of choice for OEMs, integrators, and developers serving a variety of markets including physical access control.  The company offers a wide array of trusted identity solutions, which are used in both physical and digital environments. They provide physical access control products such as smart cards and readers for opening doors and digital identity technologies that are used in a variety of applications. Whether it be mobile banking or high-end government security systems, HID Global’s services and solutions boast robust quality, innovative design, and effective security system. They also offer citizen ID cards, such as national ID cards, the US Green Card, and passports. The usage of HID products is not limited to the above-mentioned areas, as they are also regularly used in Hollywood movies and television shows.
Overcoming the Struggles to Burst out on the Scene
Before HID Global became what it is today, the HID brand was perceived as extremely traditional and was only associated with “physical access control.” Over the years, the company has expanded far beyond its initial claim to fame, and the start of 2017 brought with itself a new breath of life into the brand to reflect the breadth and depth of the company’s portfolio. HID Global expanded its brand with a new branding strategy that revolves around the idea of “Powering trusted identities.” This new corporate brand strategy led HID to burst out on the scene of identity technology industry, with a revamped attitude and excitement.
The idea behind the new tagline “Powering trusted identities”, which speaks about empowerment and the universal truth of trust, was positioned to evoke an emotional connection with its customers. HID Global always had a plethora of innovative products at its disposal but this move of re-branding turned HID into one of the most recognized and valuable brands of 2017.
A Leader Who Inspired Change
Stefan Widing, President and CEO of HID Global, has been at the pinnacle of this company for the last 2 years and has played a considerable part in remaking the HID brand. With over 15-plus years of experience, Stefan’s tireless efforts and hard work led him to become the head of HID Global. He pursued his Bachelor’s Degree from the Linkoping University in the field of Business Administration. He followed that up with a Masters in Science on Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering at the same University. For over a decade, Stefan Widing has been serving for HID’s parent company named ASSA ABLOY and currently holds the Executive Vice President position at the company. It was he who had set up the new strategy for the company and led the company towards unprecedented success in 2017.
Bringing Innovation at the “Doors” of Netflix
Netflix is one of leading internet subscription-based company in the world with its rich storage of movies and television shows that customers can enjoy. Founded in 1997, Netflix can now be accessed in over 190 countries with over 70 million users enjoying 125 million hours of entertainment every single day. Netflix and HID Global came together in 2012 to experiment with innovative ways in which mobile phones can be used as physical and logical access devices. HID’s astute solutions enabled the employees at Netflix to use their smartphones to open doors by presenting their devices to access control readers. HID incorporated a pilot program with mobile phones using HID Global’s iCLASS SE platform with multiCLASS SE readers and iClass Seos digital Keys. Today, HID Global is the industry leader in mobile access technology that people use to open doors, making a smartphone into a new kind of “key.”
Tackling with the Competitors with its Unique Services
HID’s customer base includes governments, financial institutions, educational institutions, healthcare facilities and a wide range of enterprise customers. HID doesn’t sell its products and services directly to the consumers, rather they sell them to the organizations which then provide trusted identities to the consumers, employees, visitors or contractors. With a large customer base for both physical access control and digital identity market, HID Global stands out among its competitors with its unique services. With most of their competitors offering services on one market, HID differentiates itself by offering a broad range of applications and use cases. With its recent brand expansion, the US-based company is gaining recognition in the security technology space and other areas, rather than just being known for physical access control services.
Planning a Future that Brings Success
HID Global’s recent resurgence has prompted them to formulate an entire branding plan that will drive new level of brand awareness and will ameliorate their trusted identity even further. HID hopes to develop an identity for themselves in the future, wherein, whenever an organization needs to manage identities – HID brand should be the prime choice, the go-to brand.

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