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Hi3 Solutions: Establishing the Dynamic Methodologies towards Healthcare Era

Impetuous exchange of large amount of information is crucial to the delivery of best healthcare solution on all levels of the healthcare delivery system—the patient, the care team, the healthcare organization, and the encompassing political-economic environment.To integrate these critical information streams, organizations need training/education, decision-support, information management, and communications tools. Healthcare Information Integration Infrastructure Solutions (Hi3 Solutions) is leading healthcare information domain in Los Angeles, California. Hi3 provides HIT products, education, and consulting services that enable its clients to engage effectively in health information exchange, health data integration, and healthcare quality measurement required to establish and comply with evidence-based best practices in healthcare.
Hi3 Solutions accelerates the widespread adoption and compliance with emerging HIT standards by offering the information integration infrastructure necessary to enable the use of health information exchange standards, meaningful healthcare quality and performance measures, and standardized clinical decision support capabilities.
In addition to Hi3’s extensive education and consulting practices, they also bring software solutions to market that are a value-add overall to the existing market leader capabilities. The organization has partnerships with leading interface engine vendors that enable them to deploy their product with added capabilities related to transaction validation, structural transformation, vocabulary translation, and data content integration. They have an Integrated Data Repository (IDR) logical data model derived from the Health Level Seven Reference Information Model (RIM). The IDR has been implemented in a variety of relational database management systems, including Oracle, SQL Server, and Teradata. The primary use of the IDR is to serve as an Operational Data Store and function as the single source of truth for data warehousing and business intelligence. It also functions as an intermediate normalizing data store to facilitate transaction transformation, enrichment, and semantic harmonization.
About the Pioneer behind This Leading Enterprise

AbdulMalik Shakir, Co-founder, President & Chief Informatics Scientist of Hi3 solutions, has an extensive experience of over 40 years in the field of healthcare informatics. He has witnessed the multiple advances in information management technologies including the automation of administrative processes, electronic exchange of healthcare information, and the digitizing of health information in electronic medical record systems. His lifetime pursuit is the establishment and effective use of evidence-based medical practice and policies. He is particularly interested in enabling translational research enabling the discovery and deployment of the greatest efficacies in medical interventions and preventive care. AbdulMalik asserts,The next revolution in healthcare is the standardization and normalization of clinical data to allow meaningful aggregation of data across domains to enable data mining and clinical decision support.”

The Most Innovative Solutions which are Methodically Beneficial for the Clients
The mission of Hi3 Solutions is to support continuous improvements in the healthcare outcomes by providing software solutions and professional services that enable their clients to discover, share, and measure compliance with evidence-based best practices in medicine. The company continues to work with clients and industry groups to develop common data element definitions, establish effective health information exchange standards, and facilitate the meaningful acquisition, assimilation, and application of healthcare data. The largest segment of their business is in the United States, but they have been privileged to work with nations throughout the world including Canada, Israel, Switzerland, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Kenya.
The strength of Hi3 is in the diversity of their client base and the experience they have gained as a result. AbdulMalik acclaims, “Our clients are benefited from their proven methodologies and they also get profit from their unique problem space in which to apply their knowledge and skills. Continuous learning and the constant quest for information quality and reuse are in the DNA of each of us at Hi3 Solutions.” He added further, “Products we are working to bring to market include pre-defined clinical decision support data marts focused on publically defined clinical and administration performance measures, such as those defined by ONC, JCAHO, and NCQA. The Hi3 data marts will be fed via ETL processes from the HI3 IDR. We also intend to collaborate with providers of software solutions providing clinical dashboards and scorecards to make use of our standards-based clinical decision support infrastructure.”
Key Elements of Hi3 towards Success  
Hi3 believes their foundational strength is the experience and knowledge that they have accumulated in their 17+ years servicing the healthcare community. The company has a lot to learn about also transitioning to be a product company. “We are a learning organization; we will continue to pivot, learn, and pivot again until we obtain the right mixture of experience and expertise to grow beyond our excellent consulting and educational offerings to include IT product offerings as well,” says AbdulMalik.
A key distinguishing feature of Hi3 Solutions is the inclusion of knowledge transfer to their clients in every consulting engagement, enabling them to become self-sufficient regarding the necessary skills and experience to address their healthcare information management challenges. “We never just give them a fish, we also teach the fish.”
Utmost Network Strength can make better Future
The best part of Hi3 is the relationships that they have fostered over a long period of time. They have access to a large network of skilled individuals, many of them leaders in their field. The company’s openness, integrity, and transparency have fostered trust with their clients, vendor partners, and skilled resources that enable them to tackle problems of any magnitude, large or small. They are willing and able to subcontract when necessary and to be the sole or prime contractor when necessary. The organizations living proof of the adage “what goes around comes around.” Their professional network is their greatest strength, which helps them to make better future for their organization.

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