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Herrington Technology: State-of-the-Art SAP Solutions

Herrington Technology is a well-known and prestigious name in the SAP solutions industry. The company was established in 2009 and is currently headquartered in Manhattan, New York on Wall Street.
It is a niche technology enterprise firm which provides advanced SAP solutions. Herrington Technology is a multi-channel firm with the capability to customize and tailor-made nature and size of its products vary by client. Herrington Technology’s SAP Business Software Channel includes software, advisory, top implementation expertise, integration and extensions/components for best in class delivery. A core purpose at Herrington Technology is: to directly serve each client’s core business objectives, including growth of revenue and client base for ERP SAP systems deployments.
The company’s customers include small, medium, and even large Fortune 90 companies. Herrington’s clients operate across a wide range of industries, too, and that diversity in business clientele aligns with the company’s overall approach to solution delivery for SAP and the other business channels.
Herrington Technology is positioned as an established, value-driven solution provider with differentiated SAP capabilities including small and midsized SAP software like Business One and SAP Business by Design and SAP Hotel for Business One solutions and SAP Core Finance /Banking /Analytics and SAP IS Retail. Coupled with a core advanced SAP Technology advisory services, and S4 and SAP HANA platform capabilities for large enterprise, Herrington Technology bundles solutions, software and delivery into a scalable, distinct and unique competitive advantage for its clients.
The Backbone of Advanced SAP Solutions 
Herrington Technology operates in a competitive ERP industry with more agile capability and diversity in SAP ERP portfolio solutions and services than many other providers. The backbone of the success of the company’s SAP ERP channel is fueled at the core with the vast industry world’s top and expertise of its founder, Valery Herrington. Valery is a Manhattan based CXO and founder of the firm. She is a highly respected global technology business solutions leader. She not only inspires the team at Herrington Technology with real insight into the industry but also with her hands-on work ethic as the CEO.
Her leadership is regarded within the industry to be at the forefront of advanced technology and SAP ERP change and innovation which touches at the core of many businesses around the globe, and Valery herself is considered one the world’s top SAP technology experts. It was that extensive knowledge about the SAP industry and her cumulative career expertise that led her to start Herrington Technology in 2009.
Valery studied Economics, German and Computer Science in college. She then graduated with an Executive MBA from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School with a continued focus on technology for business finance and healthcare.
After forming this solid theoretical and active hands-on base through her education, Valery worked at many groundbreaking companies in Silicon Valley. She immersed herself in the technology and worked on the development of emerging products, databases, operating systems, performance tuning, security integrations and customizations with enterprise programming languages. She achieved additional business credentials, graduating with an Executive MBA from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School with a continued focus on technology for business, finance and healthcare while building the business, working for clients and taking courses at Princeton University and Sanford University.
The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection 
The SAP Solutions industry is challenging; SAP solution providers have to leverage every opportunity and interaction with their clients count in order to make a difference. Valery explains some of these ground realities elaborately, saying, “The industry churn rate is a big challenge today. There are a lot of “moving parts” in terms of industry factors and movements that require exceptional expertise, determination and training to master.”
She believes that Herrington Technology has succeeded in staying ahead of the curve because it constantly innovates and introduces unique factors and features to provide its clients a competitive advantage.
Herrington Technology plans to continue on this trailblazing path to the next level but also intends to expand its services in an entirely new direction. As of 2018, the company’s expanding cyber security practice and R&D Lab are designed to address new requirements across industries and with active production grade, 24 x 7 enterprise class delivery for exemplary cyber security and endpoint device protection solutions that help their clients win.
Technology Solutions with a Purpose 
The defining characteristics of Herrington Technology are, firstly, the foundation of expertise upon which it is built and, secondly, the innovative nature of its SAP solutions.
Valery had very clearly envisioned things this even she was a SAP technology industry expert working her way through the lower levels of the field. Her vast experience in the industry led her naturally upon the path that culminated in the establishment of her enterprise as it exists today.
The company aims to take its SAP operations to the next level by helping clients transform their businesses with migrations, scalability, delivery in digital transformation and new brand label R&D solutions. The company has introduced the first brand label solution with selection of roll out to specific matching clients. This capability in business further extends and enhances a differentiated opportunity for clients and customers in the SAP and ERP space. The new brand label solutions at Herrington Technology are positioned be market enriching for core SAP services.
A Promising Future 
The technology field in general, and the SAP solution industry in particular, are a challenging area of operations for many reasons.
New innovations constantly arrive on the scene at breakneck speed and transform the very framework of operations. A perfect recent example of this development is the Internet of Things (IoT). Additionally, economic fluctuations that arise out of ever-changing scenarios in the external and internal environment also make it difficult to manage operations.
Furthermore, the global dynamics of business are changing with the times. Since global market forces also play a significant role in business Management, Herrington Technology corporate location on Wall Street in New York provides great opportunity for capitalizing on the best in a key global marketplace venue like New York.
Herrington Technology faces this challenge by placing the client at the center of attention, and concentrating its efforts on attaining quantifiable results that drive value upwards for clients’ brands.
The company recently moved to a new office in New York and added new solutions to its portfolio. Herrington Technology and its leadership continue to be optimistic about the direction in which both the company and the industry are heading, and will use that positive outlook and strong portfolio as the basis of their delivery, driving forward with their own brand client centricity model and a core commitment to quality and unparalleled competitive advantages for their clients.
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