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Help4Access: Designing Custom Database Applications to the Clients Specifications

Specialized in developing custom database applications designed to the client’s specifications, Help4Access has helped hundreds of companies with their custom MS Access database applications. Help4Access is a U.S. based company, headquartered in San Francisco, California.
Help4Access provides world-class service to SMB clients, enabling the thought leaders to realize their vision, leveraging the power of the world’s most popular database application platform, Microsoft Access. Help4Access’s services insure that their client’s thought leaders can continue to innovate increasing revenue or optimize their back office operations reducing costs.
Help4Access, Development to the Clients Core Application
Help4Access extends their client’s IT services by providing development for their core application. Their client’s MS Access system supports 50,000 users with three call centers and the application runs 24x7x365. Help4Access support a single technology, and that is Microsoft Access. They provide services:
Application Support Services: Help4Access provides service delivery options that fit your needs, such as on-site programmers and remote support (non-tiered approach). Help4Access offers a full range of application maintenance and support services to ensure business continuity and long-term value.
Application Development Service: Help4Access’s team approach is governed by their Application Development Methodology (ADM) adopted from The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF). Help4Access is a leader in helping organizations achieve business efficiency and agility by developing robust applications that are scalable, secure and easily maintainable.
Migration Services: With their team’s extensive Access Migration experience, Help4Access has developed a 5-step proven approach to migrating any Access application, First, Discovery, where they gather your data, what applications you have, who uses them, how often, when they were written and in what language, which results in a detailed view of your portfolio. Second, Assessment, helps to target deployment, service, and technical vendor platform per application. Third, Migration Planning, their Microsoft Access certified professionals will create a practical roadmap based on the application assessment focusing on achieving value early and gaining momentum. Fourth, Migration and Testing, help in validated and migrated applications in target environments. Finally, Deployment, helps your next generation hybrid environment, giving your organization strategic agility.
Sasha Froyland, Founder of Help4Access is a certified Enterprise Architect and Project Manager in San Francisco, California, having more than 22 years of experience in technology building world-class organizations.
Mr. Froyland’s inspiration to develop this unique software development company came from his first-hand knowledge of working for these highly successful companies; Time Warner Telecommunications, Level 3 Communications and StubHub. As startups, these companies recognized the advantage of leveraging MS Access’s flexibility to develop their core business systems. This key decision point was pivotal to their future success.
According to Mr. Froyland, “The team at Help4Access enhances the application to support features which marketing and sales need to beat the competition. MS Access is the fastest rapid application development platform ever created and when paired with our senior MS Access consultants, the result is often product updates which allow our clients to get ahead of their competition and dominate their industry.”
While talking about the future of Help4Access, Mr. Froyland says, “I’m excited about the collective knowledge and experience, we are gaining as a company fueled by hiring and retaining the best MS Access consultants on the planet. This in turn further insures our client’s core business functions will continue to return high value without the risk of a lack of qualified support.”