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HBSS: The Pioneer in Transportation Industry

A minority-owned company, HB Software Solutions, has developed solutions with single-minded focus of bringing in value to both the top-line revenues as well as reducing the bottom-line costs of an RTA (Regional Transport Authorities) operation. Since, its inception, HB Software Solutions has been focused on the RTA sector and has had major successes with some of the largest customers in the USA.
Established in 1997, HB Software Solutions has provided its services to over 700 companies in 17 states who have used HBSS’ both Cloud Based and Client-Server for daily trip management, billing and reporting to date. They currently maintain more than 50,000 trips on a daily basis.
The Blue-Eyed boy of HBSS
A HIPAA- compliant single centralized database, QRydeCloud is a software supporting a large number of transportation functions such as Transportation Services Information Management; 3rd Party Integration, Ride Sharing and Car Pooling Inventory, Multi-Modal Trip Planning (including integration with other Paratransit Software Systems), Automatic Eligibility Verification, National Open Data Exchange Module, User Feedback Management, Communication Module, Multi-Device support, 508 Accessibility support, Major Web Browsers, Role-based Access Control, Scheduling and Dispatching, Billing, Quality Management, Driver and Vehicle Management, Reporting System and Operating Company Management.
Dr. Himanshu Bhatnagar, Founder and Subject Matter Expert, is a D. Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts in the area of intelligent software for transportation challenges, has more than 20 years of experience developing turnkey systems in the area of brokerage call centers, Medicaid billing systems, shared ride management systems, intelligent transportation systems, demand response scheduling, logistics, internet and intelligent agents.
Dr. Bhatnagar has earned many accolades and his vast list of exposures in the initial days of his career includes his involvement in the development of the ITMS software. He was contracted by Panama Canal Commission to lead its EVTMS project. He was Managing Consultant at Gensym Corp. He was the Research Manager of the Transportation Research Lab at Center for Productivity Enhancement in Lowell, Massachusetts.
Dr. Bhatnagar has developed MART’s Interactive Traveler Services (M-ITS) Portal in partnership with Montachusett Regional Transit Authority (MART) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA). This Transportation Coordination Model, designed, developed and approved by FTA for New England, has been adopted by New Hampshire Department of Transportation as a statewide Transportation Coordination System.
Dr. Bhatnagar is designing a statewide Veterans Transportation Coordination system, in partnership with MART, under a $2M VTCLI Grant to MART, which will expand M-ITS to create a One-Call, One-Click call center for over 350 Veterans Services offices across the states as well as dozens of VA facilities to avail all available public, non-profit and private transportation for the benefit of returning Veterans and their families.
Dr. Bhatnagar has developed a Brokerage Management Portal, in partnership with Montachusett Regional Transit Authority (MART) and TMS Management Group (FL) for enabling hundreds of transportation providers to seek transportation contracts from brokers, perform daily work and conduct all ‘business’ activities online.
Charting the next generation solutions for the public transportation industry
HBSS brings to the world its first Integrated Transportation Management System called QRydeCloud. Built purely on HTML5/CSS3 software stack, its web tools, provides the industry’s most advanced, feature-rich, cloud-based experience for transportation companies.
QRydeCloud offers World’s first web based platform that enables commercial transportation companies engaged in providing rides to patrons of institutions and agencies, to automate their complete operations without paying 50K or more for scheduling software systems. With over 20 years of experience, utilizing over 750 commercial transportation providers, the underlying technology has processed over 100 million rides generating over $2.5 billion in transportation revenue over the years. QRydeCloud also provides a capability for institutions, corporations and agencies to set up transportation management systems for their employees, customers and guests utilizing providers of the QRyde Supplier Network.
The interface used is intuitive, friendly, clutter-free screens enabling “fast-track” training and “on-time” project implementations. It translates to more efficient schedules and increased ridership, optimum on-time performance of passenger pickups and enhanced tablet-based driver communication with the call center, and total automation of the all-important accounting, reporting and billing side of the business.
Triumphant over many Trials and Tribulations
HBSS has tackled many problems that normally an IT solution provider faces. One such was when they had to sustain themselves while migrating from enterprise client-server models to cloud-based subscription models. They have undertaken the arduous task of converting application interfaces to web based, smart phone based and interactive voice based interfaces. They have converted their existing client base from client-server to cloud based, especially the enterprise clients. Another issue they have faced was explaining different pricing models to different size clients and integrating with new types of devices like Internet of Things while implementing new customer expectations.
The next level of strategy from HBSS
With the future in distributed computing, distributed decision making, autonomous operating components, 24×7 live connectivity with 4G and 5G cellular capabilities and development of device interface, HBSS has migrated to a complete plug and play environment for different devices, interfaces and user interaction mediums.
HBSS is believed to be the next big disruption in the Ride Services Industry and is going to pose a big challenge to the current market leaders and VC funded startups when they equip all transportation business owners with a new type of business model.