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Haulio: Delivering Exemplary Haulage Solutions

As a revolutionary collaborative B2B platform for the Container Haulage industry, Haulio aims to be the simplest & most reliable way for businesses to take care of their transportation and haulage needs on land. The Haulio Community portal aims to maximize haulage resources through industry-level sharing to improve job productivity and asset utilization; at the same time, value-add to end customers with improved real-time visibility and reporting.
Game Changing Technology 
Haulio’s platform works by intelligently matching targeted jobs to haulage companies “hauliers” and their prime movers, using advanced algorithms and IoT technology that optimizes jobs’ specifications to locations, prime movers’ sizes and availability. With its technology, Haulio hopes to rewrite the rules of container haulage to ensure that every stakeholder stands to gain – the hauliers, drivers, forwarders, cargo owners and port operators.
A Profound Leader 
Sebastian Shen is the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Haulio. He is responsible for the users’ happiness and the product roadmap, ensuring that Haulio delivers tremendous value for hauliers towards Haulio’s end vision. Sebastian, along with his team ensures that every ounce of their efforts spent on building the product is made to bring the entire ecosystem closer to industry 4.0. This starts with ensuring that digitalization of information is achieved with every single haulier on the platform, allowing the company to truly deploy its suite of intelligent systems across the industry.
Prior to Haulio, Sebastian was a Business and Tech consultant at 2359 Media, one of the leading technology studios in Singapore and the South-East Asian region – helping his clients marry the latest in mobile and web technologies to their real business challenges. His notable projects involved chatbots with the Singapore Airlines, contactless technologies with the Singapore Tourism Board and delivery management solutions with ST Logistics.
Sebastian graduated from the National University of Singapore. Currently, he is pursuing a master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management at the National University of Singapore, which he has put on hold due to his full-time involvement with Haulio.
The ON-Demand Concept 
Haulio was first launched in May 2017 as a gateway to PSA’s Inter-Terminal Haulage through an “on-demand” concept via its platform. It was a tripartite agreement between PSA, Haulio and the Haulier companies executing the jobs. Initially, it had to go around knocking doors to convince the hauliers that these “on-demand” jobs can now offer a new flexibility for their drivers to generate revenue even during lull periods, night shifts and weekends/public holidays. This gradual mindset shift helps the companies realize that “something is better than nothing”. They have since successfully hauled over 70,000 TEUs till date.
Shifting the Mindset 
Apart from the technological challenges in its platform, the biggest obstacle for Haulio and its business is that it takes a lot of effort to convince industry stakeholders of its mission. Thus, conversion cycles can take a long time, and the implementation of technology to traditional business workflows take a long time too.
Changing the mind-set of business owners to trust and accept the concept of a sharing economy in the haulage space is another challenge for Haulio. The supply chain ecosystem is made up of various stakeholders and departments that have differing KPIs. It thus takes time for the industry to align and adapt, before it can fully move towards a digital platform for the booking and execution of their daily Container Haulage requirements. Indeed, Haulio is seeing increasing receptiveness as it continuously proves itself with its technology and actions.
Industry-wide Facilitator 
Haulage is a significant, yet often overlooked segment in the automated and connected world of industry 4.0. With the advancements of energy lines, the requirements and demands of just-in-time delivery of containers will only rise. At the same time, the new digital era also means the increasing need for machine-to-machine, systems-tosystems communication to ensure that digital and physical flow of goods are well collaborated.
These are demands that traditional service providers will face tremendous difficulty keeping pace with. Haulio comes in as an industry-wide facilitator, to usher every haulier into this future of clock-worked automated future through its collaborative platform.
Emblem of Satisfaction 
“With Haulio today, we are able to attempt to (achieve efficiency) by getting jobs from the platform whenever we have a dip in volume to manage for the day.” – LSHK Trading & Transport Co.
“Haulio is a fantastic alternative revenue on days that we have insufficient jobs and they are able to fill up our load seamlessly through their simple and interactive platform.” – UBTS Pte Ltd
“In Haulio, we can optimize our operations better by responding to the jobs posted at our lull periods.” – Union Transport Co Pte Ltd.
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