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HATech: Transforming Businesses with DevOps

One of the world’s greatest basketball legends, Michael Jordan once quoted “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” A committed team is the key to transforming vision into reality. Whether it’s on a basketball court or the continually growing business world, teamwork always pays off. If you have an inimitable vision and a team of professionals who take no time to convert strategies into implementations, success in anything becomes predictable, especially in business ventures. With the vision of it’s Founder, Jon Hathaway, and the execution of his highly skilled team – HATech could be the Business Transformation partner you’ve been looking for.
HATech is a renowned full-service DevOps consultation company headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. It provides a series of customer centric business transformation solutions that assure customers their desired success. Within four years of its inception the company has been able to gain nationwide attention pertaining to its remarkable collaborations with clients from a range of industries. A recent expansion into the city of Phoenix, AZ has helped solidify the need for HATech’s skills and expertise in helping Enterprises become more nimble and realizing the need to transform.
A Relentless Drive 
Prior to establishing HATech, Jon Hathaway built several DevOps teams, operating across Enterprise organizations but performing with a startup mindset within the larger business. During this time, he recognized the need of an all-inclusive tailored solution that can enable a business to drive their growth. While answering the question, what inspired you to create HATech? Jon wittily reveals, ‘Bad Companies!’
His experience is that most often DevOps solution providers introduce tools to address customer concerns. However, someone else downstream has to deploy these new tools quickly and effectively for the overall process to be considered a success. All too often, new tools require training & additional investment from a team that is already under a great deal of pressure to provide business value. HATech leads with people first, processes, then tools. Inevitably, automation will speed up good AND bad processes. HATech keeps their clients focused on improvement from the inside out.
Contrary to the popular trend in the consultation industry, HATech chooses not to diversify its target audience. The appeal of diversification is greater market share and consequently, increased revenue. For HATech, those concerns are secondary. Hence, the company focuses on offering piercing insights that clients can leverage to transform their work culture, maximize the effectiveness of people and processes, and ensure the glitch-free performance of platforms and products. A client can expect HATech to work in sync with them at every stage of their business cycle, from product inception, design, and build to deployment and getting it into customers’ hands in the shortest possible time. Being fully embedded with a clients’ teams gives HATech the insight to help mentor and coach those teams of individuals, in to how to be successful.
Considering the factors like agility and distinctive customer needs, HATech focuses on creating a roadmap and plan iteratively, producing the most amount of value for its customers instead of architecting a solution for 3 years in advance. This speed of HATech became a major game changer for many industries where instead of an 18 month endeavor to catalog requirements, and architect a solution, HATech delivered the most important features and requirements within months and in some cases, even a week or less.
Employee Focused 
In a rather competitive field, HATech stands out with its emphasis on a culture-first mentality driven by concepts and an extraordinary focus on employees. HATech’s office infrastructure is an openconcept. Engineers, business analysts, consultants, support team, marketing team, customer success management, even the CEO sits out on the floor. The company creates an atmosphere were a complete DevOps team work together, everyone including associates contributing in development and engineering, operations, systems support, IT, product assurance and product managers. This allows an easy flow for communication, questions, opportunities to learn, and a lot more fun. No more silos and no more finger pointing. The whole team is responsible for building and adding value to the business and their customers.
Leading By Example 
HATech is one of the world’s renowned DevOps solution providers. It is distinctively recognized amongst the industry leaders for its unique culture and employee driven approach. It is evidently a reflection of their leader, Jon’s personality. There is no separate CEO’s office and he is with the team out on the office floor every day. Jon recalls, his exceptional background has played a vital role in his approach towards business. He is not a business school graduate; in fact, he has never been to university. Everything that he knows about the industry is the product of personal experience, getting his hands dirty, and working his way up.
The simplicity and honesty he brings to the table has created its deserving impact over employees. As HATech have never missed a deadline for a customer project, the entire team are committed to doing whatever it takes for the customer to be successful. Everyone appreciates the importance of the projects as a unit and they all invest their time voluntarily. The credit is due in large part to the leadership team at HATech as well. They get their hands dirty with the rest of the team and this sets a great example for everyone else to follow.
Securing Future with Positive Integrations 
DevOps solution providers around the world recognize HATech for its innovation and futuristic approach. Jon believes HATech’s focus on its core offering i.e. business transformation solutions is the greatest strength of the company. He asserts, “We are one of the few companies that specialize in the DevOps cultural transformation facet of business development. “We add new features and capabilities and that helps us help other companies adopt DevOps in a reliable and scalable way.The company envisions leading the way in DevOps, with positive integrations and evolving partnerships in times ahead.