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Hanu: Accelerate Your Ascent to the Cloud

The business IT landscape is increasingly getting disrupted due to the onslaught of cloud, data science, AI, and IoT adoptions on both consumer and enterprise side. Hence, the talent community is keen on securing their career by moving to Cloud and other latest techs to ensure their employability for a decade or even more. While most of the IT service providers are still in a dilemma to push cloud or push legacy or how much on which cloud, Hanu Software is painlessly attracting top talents in the industry with its sheer focus on Azure Cloud.
Debuted in 2004 with few fresh graduates to drive some small-sized projects in the U.S., Hanu Software initiated to solve the talent scarcity problem to achieve the leading service provider position for Microsoft Azure ever since Microsoft announced it around 2007.
The Enablers of Hanu
Amit Kataria, Global Head of HR and Manoj Srivastava, Managing Director are the leaders of Hanu Software Solution. Having 15+ years of IT project experience, Manoj orchestrates Hanu’s quality professional services and project deliveries from offshore software development centre in India. He has a strong SDLC background and excellent flair for creating the high-level view from details.
Hanu’s Modus Operandi
Any workload, anywhere to Azure’ is its single-point solution for everyone globally. Hanu enables everyone on Azure adoptions – be it ‘Do It Myself’ CxOs or get it Outsourced CxOs by helping some of the selected IT implementers and also by loaning Azure talents on contracts.
By making the right bet on a technology that is growing at a 120-150 % rate, Hanu is witnessing the unprecedented speed of growth that every rock star (R.O.C.K indicates Respect, Open, Client Obsession & Kaizen – Hanu’s core values) stands to benefit.
International movements and assignments are yet another talent attraction factor, since, in Hanu’s model, an onshore-offshore effort ratio is lot more skewed in favour of onshore. A 24×7 global recruiting team of Hanu is building the capacity to ensure that it can meet the growing demand of Azure talent from all corners of Hanu as well as other companies sometimes. It also runs a talent helpline, where anyone can make a call.
Tremendous Growth
Grow within’ being its talent development mantra, this 300+ people strong Cloud IT service company has not only added several Fortune 1000 clients, but foresees ending up with 350+ people (500+ by the end of 2017) and a revenue of $10-12 million by this year end, and envisions growing ten-fold by 2020.
At this exceptionally dynamic organization, every rock star is given vast opportunities to pursue his/her career in the desired domains via Hanu IJP and Job rotation programmers, which enables them to up-skill and perform more with enthusiasm. Hanu’s ROCK’U (Rock Star University) program is an industry first program to produce finest Azure talent in the world.
Enriched with over 100+ certified Azure professionals with vast cloud implementation experiences, the company has accomplished 250+ small or big Azure adoptions and POCs. With such a huge consolidated experience in specific technology – a unique trait only a handful of companies can boast of – rock stars can deepen their cloud talent and also grow in positions and hierarchies as per its fast-paced growth program.
A Culture of Appreciation
While Hanu’s Recognition Screens installed at varied locations throughout the global offices continuously runs the photos and summary of all the monthly collected achievements of its staff globally, its private social network powered by Yammer broadcasts all the praises and appreciations as a natural course of life there. Moreover, it has formal hierarchical monthly monetary reward practices akin to leader/team scout of the month and the likes.
In my past seven years, I haven’t come across an organization with such a positive environment and have a supportive and collaborative culture that encourages both professional and personal growth. The leadership team here is full of visionaries, who make a consistent effort to recognize and reward the achievements of teams and individuals. Hanu cultivates its rock stars for internal growth and career progression with a great work/life balance,” quotes Sumegha Chaudhary, Manager-Client Services, Hanu.
Industries’ Finest Benefit Structure
Apart from statutory benefits, Hanu’s dizzying array of benefits include Health plans for self and family, free weekly medical OPD services at office, flexible work hours & leave policy, cost-free company transport fleet, 24×7 café with subsidized food, nap rooms to rest when needed, dedicated sports facility (full-sized sized volleyball & badminton courts) on campus, fully equipped gymnasium and pretty much everything that eases their lives and channels their unwavering focus towards clients.
Furthermore, its monthly celebration bashes including goodies to the birthday rock stars and the recognized rock stars, team dinners at the places of the team’s choice, occasional team outings to movies, adventure & theme parks are a few of the many perks of being in Hanu family. Well, being a rock star is never boring!