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Guide To Effectively Market Your Vape Brand

It is a lucrative option to start your business in the vaping industry. However, marketing your vape brand properly becomes a challenge. One of the reasons for it is that paid search is denied to most vape brands.

Now, if we turn the data records in the US alone, vape marketing exceeds about $110 million a year. But higher investments don’t guarantee better marketing plans either.

So, if you are wondering how to market your vape brand online, we have your back! Here, we have discussed some economical yet effective marketing tips that will work wonders for your vape brand.

Top 6 Marketing Tips for Your Vape Brand

Currently, Google does not allow tobacco product advertisements, including electronic cigarettes, herbal cigarettes, or pipes. So, the door to Google ads is closed for you.

Even in the case of Facebook and Instagram marketing, specific restrictions exist. Hence, you need to tweak your marketing solutions.

The following are the six most effective strategies to market your vape brand online. So, let’s have a look!

  1. Edge up Your Vape SEO Marketing

As it is challenging to market your brand with the help of Google or Facebook ads, one of the ways through which you can do so is by focusing on organic marketing. It essentially means boosting your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

You can do so by using some relevant vape keywords, enhancing the page loading time of your site as well as optimizing it for mobile viewing.

SEO marketing plays a significant role here, so make sure you strategically direct your efforts into this.

  1. Go for Social Media Marketing

For this, first, you need to research the dos and don’ts of social media regarding vape marketing.

We suggest you promote your blog posts, share your client reviews, and stay active in the comment section on social media. It will help people understand that you are committed to your followers.

Many vape brands have already been doing it. Disposable vape pens manufacturer Esco Bar actively engages with fans on social media through comments, stories, and polls.

  1. Catch up with Influencer Marketing

It is the era of gen Z, and influencer marketing, particularly on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, has seen a significant rise. It is anticipated that by the end of 2022, brands will spend almost $16 billion on influence marketing.

Thus, you can get in touch with different vape tricksters and influencers on Instagram and YouTube and ask them to introduce and promote your products. They have a loyal fan base, so you can directly target it to broaden your customer base.

  1. Opt for Link Building

Link building is another crucial process by which you can effectively market your vape brand. It is a process through which you can get relevant hyperlinks from other websites apart from your own.

With the help of backlinks, you can enhance your visibility and serve many loyal customers.

When you have external websites that link back to your site, it provides visitors with a recommendation to visit it. This is important, especially for web crawlers as well as visitors.

However, ensure you don’t end up with spammy links, which can severely hurt your reputation.

  1. Try Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another effective way to spread the word about your vape brand. It is mainly used with link building, giving you an avenue to link to any website you want.

In the case of guest blogging, you are generally in charge of creating and publishing the content. So, ensure to optimize your keywords, anchor text, and include links to your pages.

One of the most important things to consider in guest blogging is that the site must belong to your niche, i.e., vaping. Also, it should possess higher authority among web crawlers and visitors.

It will not only leverage your online visibility but also help establish the credibility of your vape brand amongst the visitors to the guest blogging site and increase your web traffic.

  1. Post and Share Product Review Videos

Trust and communication with potential customers play an important role in vape marketing. Hence, one of the effective ways to do so is by creating unique and attractive product review videos.

Sharing user-centric review videos on your social media handles like Instagram and Facebook will entice the audience and get them redirected to your site, increasing your brand’s overall sales and revenue.

You can also request vape tricksters or YouTubers to review these products for a nominal advertisement fee. For instance, Hyde Vape official website provides detailed reviews by Youtubers for each product to better showcase their functions to customers.

Product review videos can tremendously impact your ongoing marketing efforts, leveraging the web presence of your vape brand.


The strategies for marketing your vape brand are just not limited to the ones mentioned above. However, you can start with these and boost your marketing campaign to witness great outcomes!