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Green Shine

Green Shine: An Ecofriendly Approach in Automobiles

Everyone has the desire to purchase their dream car. A car enthusiast always wants to keep his/her car in top shape. . To maintain cars in the always ready condition, sometimes it takes huge efforts. Every car’s surface is constantly affected by rain, dust, mud and water spots which corrode the paint and metal sheet of the vehicle. Green Shine a US-based eco-friendly car spa company which is effectively preventing cars from losing its beauty.
Green Shine is a new concept in auto care. The green and organic market in America is increasingly popular, as evidenced in the growth of Green Shine sales. Therefore, the business idea is to provide a professional environment in which to wash, deep clean, and wax the automobile. The organization has targeted a specific market of individuals who would like to maintain their cars, without going overboard.
Inclusive Services Green Shine’s focus always relies on improving its products and services for the benefit of the customers and franchisees. Its products are not only organic and cruelty-free, but they are developed to not leave any stains or scratches in the cars. This eco-friendly process also reduces energy consumption and conserves 95% of the water that other car washes and detailers would waste. With advanced Nano ceramic, the services Green Shine provides are paint restoration, glass, scratch removal, water repellant, and leather and fabric hydration treatment and stain protector.
An Inspiring Leader 
Green shine established with the vision to make a difference in the automobile industry. Juan Sagastume, Founder and President of the Green Shine is a car lover and maintained his own vehicles in pristine condition. Juan Sagastume is a highly driven and positive visionary. Juan believes, leadership can be influential and through Green Shine, his goal is to build leaders. He is constantly developing new methods that can display the company’s full capacity. Juan also has a great fascination for the environment so he ensured that the company didn’t contribute to the chemical usage and immense levels of water waste. He wanted to create a business that centered on maintaining not only vehicles but also the environment we are part of.
Improving with Challenges 
According to Juan “since he was five years old, he was a Tae Kwon Do practitioner. He trained professionally with the Guatemalan national team and the elite Olympic team until he retired at 27. For the most part, his life consisted of training. He spent four years in training for a championship that could have been lost in nine minutes. Essentially, all the training helped him build Green Shine by teaching him how to focus on goals and work hard.
According to Juan the selection of staffs is the biggest challenge for him. After working with different people in different locations, he learned that the best people to work with were those who could represent Green Shine all around. Those who embody the company not only share their love for cars and the environment but are also motivated to do their best and exceed customers’ satisfaction.  At Green Shine, the focus is on the client’s need and the market. Juan has 15 years of experience that allowed him to understand what each sector needs in order to succeed with the company’s current goal and international expansion. This has led him to understand which strategies to implement in order to improve teamwork and communication. Showing the general passion for innovation, Juan brings to the company ideas from his previous experiences and Focusing on how to always be environmental.
Exemplifying Novelty 
Green Shine prides itself on its green car cleaning system. The full line of products was carefully designed to both maximize cleaning power and to be safe for vehicles, humans and the planet. The company conserves 95% of the water in comparison to other carwash businesses.
The most sustainable way to create value is to continually invest in capabilities, both as an individuals and organization. In Green Shine, employees are getting trained regularly, which is helping them to develop new techniques and products. This allows arranging the organization in a way that leads to long-term value creation. The main focus of the organization is delivering immaculate services in a short time, creating a powerful guarantee on every service performed, being a social business, creating a memorable culture, and delighting customers by giving them more than what it is expected.
Aiming for Get Large  
Green Shine with its comprehensive services aims to become the number one car detailer in the global market. The company wants to become a synonym of the service it provides. In other words, when people think of car cleaning and detailing, they think Green Shine. Of course, those are big, lofty goals. Disclosing its immediate plans the company is looking to continue its expansion across the United States and the Middle East As well, it is planning to donate a percentage of the profit made by all Green Shine franchises to an environmental cause; such as water sanitation in a developing country.
Testimonial from the Clients 
“I did not have much hope for the paint of my vehicle as well as the interior of it. – The paint was without any shine and full of marks and the interior was really dirty and smelled like something died in it! My car came out fantastic – it looks wonderful! My car smells clean and I will definitely be using your service again and will be recommending you to anyone asking about car detailing! Thank you Juan!” K. S Miami Florida Customer
“After using Green Shine guys I will definitely never use any other detailers again. At Green Shine they do so much more than any car cleaners I know. I will recommend Green Shine guys to everyone I know for sure!” – Peter C Atlanta Georgia Customer