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Gravity: Offering End-to-End Seamless Supply Chain Visibility and Execution

A clear shift has become obvious in the way the SCM Solution industry is looking at the value it delivers. The focus is no longer on the technical aspects of the solution (i.e. what it does), but instead on the outcome the solution delivers for a business e.g. increased speed, higher visibility, reduced costs, more informed decision making.
Gravity is a Supply Chain management technology provider which supports retail and manufacturing organisations with their digital transformation agendas by seamlessly connecting their global end-to-end operations, supplier base and logistics network on a single platform that provides easy management and real time visibility. By leveraging modern cloud, automation, machine learning, big data, IoT, mobility and user experience capabilities, users of Gravity are seeing their supply chain become a competitive advantage as the world shifts to a fully digital economy era.
Offerings and Solutions from Gravity
Gravity’s product offering for retailers and manufacturers is modular so they can pick and choose what solution works best for their business. Not all companies are ready to digitize their entire supply chain all at once. This modular approach allows organizations to focus on one area of the critical path and build out from there. The modular solutions of Gravity include:
Source – a real-time collaborative product lifecycle management software, which automates tedious manual tasks, and enables buying and merchandising teams to quickly find product and vendor data in one place, rather than spread across multiple spread sheets or documents.
Purchase Order Management (POM) – real-time order management, vendor management and logistics visibility. The POM solution connects suppliers and logistics providers through a single platform for a business wide view of an organisation’s operations from Purchase Order to Destination.
End to End Supply Chain Management – combining Source and POM enables businesses to achieve a real-time view of their end to end operations, allowing them to make faster decisions on product procurement and delivery.
Gravity support retailers to digitally transform their supply chains by seamlessly connecting their global end-to-end operations, supplier base and logistics networks on a single platform that provides easy management and real-time visibility.
Featuring the Dynamic Leader
Graham Parker, the Co-Founder and CEO of Gravity has worked extensively within the SCM sector for almost 30 years and experienced first-hand the industry issues that stem from poor data, lack of visibility and reactive partners. Along with Darren PalfreyCo-Founder and COO, he has created a platform that enables supply chain users access to real-time data with a view to incorporate both predictive and prescriptive technologies.
Parker also wanted the ability for users to execute operations across the supply chain in one place, regardless of whether those users are buying and developing products, placing POs for replenishment, making goods at a factory, managing logistics at the port of origin or receiving goods at destination. And his vision has come to life with one platform connecting every player within the critical path or value chain, so retail and manufacturing executives can make real time decisions with absolute certainty.
Distinguishing Features
Gravity is very much led by the fact that its SCM technology platform is actually not the solution, but is an enabler to the end-result. This is often greater than just the sum of the real-time visibility the company delivers, but is centred on developing a supply chain solution that helps organizations take advantage of the opportunities that exist with a customer-centric approach.
This particular mind set leads the company to a couple of approaches that make its solutions stand out in the market.
First, Gravity doesn’t follow the ‘one-size-fits-all’ philosophy. Supply chains are unique or they differ for every customer, however customers should also not have to pay for bespoke solutions. That is why baked into Gravity’s technology is the ability to configure the solutions to match the differences in their customers’ operations.
Second, data is available in huge quantities these days and is easily accessible. Gravity’s solution comes with out-of-the-box supply chain and logistics data sets powered by its proprietary Magnet-T engine. This increases the value Gravity’s customers gain from the platform, since it allows them to make smarter data-driven decisions.
World-Class Customer Experience
The digital supply chain today is defined by speed, agility and transparency— where the total end-to-end value created trumps a low-cost focus. By providing real time visibility and automation, Gravity paves the way for its customers to make the most of the digital supply chain.
In fact, some of its manufacturing customers reduce manual tasks, such as data keying, email updates and so on by 60% by digitizing many of their processes. They have also at the same time increased their value proposition to provide their customers with visibility of their sales orders that they didn’t previously have – one manufacturer likened it to being able to deliver an ‘Amazon-like experience’ that they previously did not possess.
Designing the Future
The future plans of Gravity include further investment and development of the technology platform into a global trade platform connecting all processes from product ideation through to delivery to the consumer.
This is a true end to end supply chain management platform and we’ll develop it based around what we believe are the four building blocks of a real-time supply chain visibility solution – how does a supply chain watch, analyse, respond and learn – and ultimately, how can a user use this”, Mr Parker states, “We firmly believe by providing the combination of real-time, end to end visibility, predictive insights, prescriptive actions and intelligent, automated decision support across the network, our customers’ supply chain management teams will be able to minimize risk and capitalize revenue opportunities, whilst enhancing customer engagement”, concludes the visionary CEO.
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