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Goverlan Reach: Prospecting the Enterprise IT and MSP Markets

The technology improvements are growing at an exponential rate, and this is even more true for Enterprise IT. Enterprise technology must change, adapt or mutate to accommodate this need. As Artificial Intelligence is on the brink of ubiquity, it will assuredly gain an authoritative presence in an Enterprise IT.
It’s not About Ideas, It’s About the Execution
Goverlan as a software was conceptualized in 1996 in NYC and was commercialized in 1998. It has been almost 20 years that Goverlan is consistent in maintaining its credibility perks in the areas of software design and development as well as firsthand knowledge of remote systems management.
The company’s mission is to eliminate or reduce the interaction and frustration between IT administrators and end users by simplifying the process of maintenance of the technology that binds them together. To that end, Goverlan created and provisioned the purpose-built, well-crafted and quality-engineered products to the IT community.
Out-of-the-box Services by Goverlan
Goverlan Inc. is the developer and sole provider of the Goverlan Reach Solution, an IT Remote Management and Support software application. Goverlan Reach is an on-premises software application that runs on top of the Windows operating system. The software is designed to remotely access, control and manage all technical aspects of individuals or sets of remote users, computers, and servers without the need for an engineer to be physically present . Goverlan Reach also provides the management of Microsoft Active Directory objects such as account configuration, password management, and group memberships.
Goverlan Reach is primarily used by system administrators and support engineers of internal IT departments. However, due to Goverlan Reach’s ability to support external endpoints, it is also an adequate solution for IT service providers and software vendors who support and manage client endpoints over the internet.
Goverlan Reach’s popularity is the result of many factors, but the primary factor is the depth (versus the breadth) of the features it exposes to system administrators and support engineers, and the ease-of-use and fluidity in consuming these features. Many established solutions on the market are the result of the merger of a smaller company/product packaged together. The result is an offering that is very attractive to consumers due to the large feature-set exposed, however, the product is often massive, difficult to implement and manage, hard to work with and expensive. The support provided with these products is also often times abysmal.
The Goverlan Reach solution is not the consolidation of different products but was engineered cohesively where all parts work in unison. Goverlan Reach includes many unique features of its ability to detect user’s logged-in computers, real-time abilities, granular IT automation technology, and its powerful remote control capabilities. Once discovered, Goverlan Reach becomes a favorite of any IT administrator’s work day.
Man who Built the Pillars of Goverlan
Pascal Bergeot, Founder, and CEO, of Goverlan Inc., started the company with his business partner Judy Lee. Pascal always had a clear vision of entrepreneurship and migrated to the USA in 1989 from France to seek new opportunities. Having acquired a Summa Cum Laude degree in Computer Science in New York, he quickly integrated with the technology workforce.
Going back 18 years, Pascal worked at the help desk of a large financial institution of Wall Street. Back then, the Microsoft operating system platform for business was still new and deficient. Technologically supporting a user base running on Windows NT 3.5/4 represented a great challenge with a lot of desktop-side visits, manual labor, system reboots and user frustration.
This mix of inefficiencies sparked the entrepreneurial spirit in Pascal. His background in software development along with the highly ineffective IT support processes at the time cemented into software automation opportunities. Pascal developed a full-featured software product specializing in automating IT support and management tasks of users and their computers, without requiring desktop-side visits. The IT support product is also designed to work via background automation, and it also allows the remote troubled user to continue working minus any interruption while fixing issues in the backend.
Refreshing the key of Motivation
The biggest challenge that Goverlan faced was to be discovered widely enough to reach critical mass. Being a bootstrapped company, they lacked the financial funds required to indulge in brute force marketing, which made the discovery process of the product challenging.
The company relied on feedback from published users and word-of-mouth activity to increase their market penetration. Over the last couple of years, companies have started specializing in the publication of reliable and genuine user reviews for all sorts of products. Goverlan has been utilizing these companies to expose to the world on how happy and satisfied their end users have been with the Goverlan software.
Happy Clients on the Services of Goverlan
Goverlan’s clients have a long history of using large, complex and expensive products to support their IT infrastructure. These 800-pound gorilla software solutions require important infrastructure changes, training of staff to use the product and deep pockets to maintain them. Goverlan Inc. offers a lightweight solution that fulfills 80% of what larger solutions provide while maintaining a low implementation foot-print at a reasonable cost. With its robust solution, Goverlan proudly services thousands of enterprises across the world.
Upcoming Execution of Goverlan
Over the past few years, enterprises have seen the adoption of new technologies escalate as the company’s thirst for collaboration, scalability and compute power has exploded. To be successful in this new age-of-the-customer economy largely depends on the ability to anticipate user needs and deliver measurable business outcomes. End users want to be productive while being collaborative and want technology to accommodate their lifestyle. IT, on the other hand, wants enterprise level security and control. So, while rapidly changing technology and work style is a powerful thing for businesses, IT departments are often struggling to keep up.
Goverlan Inc.’s road map for the near future is to extend IT support to the corporate mobile workforce. Corporations are increasingly required to support a panoply of mobile smart devices in their IT ecosystem, as well as support a traveling and remote workforce. They must do this while maintaining security compliance, data integrity, and preserve the freedom-of-use and movement that end users demand. Goverlan plans on helping this change by provisioning technological solutions to manage all types of devices over the internet while preserving security.

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