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Google to launch Coronavirus Information Website

Google wanted to launch a coronavirus information website and was in the midst of doing so, when the plans for launching this site were postponed to a more favourable time. Google had no plans on making this site until earlier this month. The site was supposed to be a search giant and was supposed to be the first site that checks symptoms, arranges a test and gets results. Unlike the one that came from Google’s sister company Verily.
A Google’s Spokesperson told The Verge, that they would require more time to fill out the features of their new informational website. The reason being that news had been pouring in every hour or so and Google wanted to ensure that the site is up to date. Google wanted to keep in check with the latest information on numbers, analytics and shelters. The White House had promised a sophisticated website with all the applicable features. This seems very unlikely given the circumstances.
Google has made claims regarding the website and how the site would now include authoritative information for people in the US and that it would include screening and testing. When Google includes these screening tools, they would be handled by the CDC. When the testing sites become available, Google stated that they would include official information including locations, both on their site and other products.