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Google Officially Discontinues Google Hangouts

The Gmail-integrated text, video, and voice chat app, Google Hangouts is finally being discontinued. Google is transitioning Hangouts users to Google Chat, the company’s Slack-like instant messaging app for businesses, as announced earlier this year.

The Google Hangouts web app is no longer available as of November 1. In June 2022, the company announced that it would prompt Hangout users to switch to Chat in Gmail or the app.

All of the information won’t move to Google Chat, even though the majority of the messages and contacts will be done so automatically. Users can use Google Takeout to download and save a copy of their data, according to the company. Users can keep their Hangouts data until January 2023.

Hangouts began as a feature on Google+ before becoming its app. On the Google Play Store, the messaging app had 5 billion downloads.