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Google Introduces New advertisement Policies for US Elections

Google is introducing new policies to verify election advertisers in the U.S. In this policy, the advertisers have to verify their citizenship or the permanent residential proofs to buy an election ad on Google.
The new policy exerts that the advertisers have to provide government issued IDs and other information like IRS Employer Identification Number and Federal Election Commission identification number and also, they have to provide the information of the ad and the payee for it.
Kent Walker, the general counsel at Google said, “As we learn from these changes and our continued engagement with leaders and experts in the field, we’ll work to improve transparency of political issue ads and expand our coverage to a wider range of elections”.
Also, he wrote in his blog, “We are continuing that work through our efforts to increase election advertising transparency, to improve online security for campaigns and candidates, and to help combat misinformation.” According to Kent Walker, some more changes are being made to handle these ads.
Google is taking few other actions to reduce the risk of online attacks. Alphabet Jigsaw developed the tools, “Protect Your Election” and “Google’s Advanced Protection” which enhances the security of data stored on Google drive, Gmail, and Google Calendar.