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Neil Salt | MD & Co-founder | Gooee

Gooee: The Operating Platform, Bringing Buildings to Life

In an interview with Insights Success, Neil Salt, the MD, and Co-founder of Gooee shares some key insights on his contribution in the company and how a team of experienced lighting, space & building specialists, is focused on providing a global building performance solution using best in class software and hardware.
Gooee has developed a Gooee IoT Building Intelligence Platform unifying building control, communication, sensing, and data analytics, resulting in the ability to obtain a ’Single-Pane View’ across multiple, siloed building systems. Platform applications focus on Building Performance Solutions for Tenants, Facilities Managers, and Building Owners.
This convergence of infrastructure and data drives software-based solutions that result in economic and operational benefits, which can include energy savings, space optimization and efficiency, and occupant wellbeing and productivity. Gooee is differentiated from other IoT systems through it being interoperable, a full-stack solution, privacy-focused and by its ability to provide a ‘single pane’ view.
Below are the highlights of the interview: 
What are the innovative IoT solutions offered by Gooee? 
Gooee provides SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) apps that sit on top of a network; unifying control, comms, sensing and data analytics to provide real-time interaction across building sub-systems and the occupants. Users benefit from a hardware solution that creates flexible applications for tenants.
Gooee’s LightViewTM , designed to optimize the demands of lighting, control, and sensing, is futureproofed; wireless and fully updatable over the air. Complementary solutions include SpaceViewTM, which captures human behavior and environmental analytics, and BuildViewTM , an Operating System for managing BMS’s and optimize the building and the tenants that operate within them using data-driven insights.
How does Gooee instigate innovation in its work culture? 
Working in a startup that creates new technology and value propositions is challenging and rewarding at the same time. To promote creativity and innovation, Gooee encourages fluid and flexible approach, encouraging teamwork within a flat structure.
How do you strategize your game plans to tackle competition in the market? 
Gooee’s focus is on its own technology and developments to ensure our solution is the best it can be for Lighting and Sensing environments. Understanding the importance of end-user requirements and determining the best solution that would achieve mass adoption of smart lighting is our goal. Knowing that our customers have several systems that need to be managed, we have ensured the system is interoperable, unlike competitors. It is our capabilities that set us apart from competitors.
What are the challenges faced while providing innovative IoT solutions and how is Gooee serving to tackle them? 
The key challenge has been to get the right people within a business to understand and consider the benefits of an IoT lighting system, trusting what it can do and what it actually can be achieved. Education has been vital in this respect and Gooee has aimed to do this from the very start. Security has also caused companies to stall when it comes to businesses adopting smart lighting. Although Gooee’s system is one of the most secure, obtaining the trust from businesses can prove difficult due to their knowledge of other companies’ lack of security in the news.
What according to you could be the potential future of Gooee and how do you envision sustaining its competency? 
Gooee’s platform is being installed and utilized in a commercial environment. Gooee and Croonwolter&dros have signed a contract that will connect more than 5,000 buildings managed by Croonwolter&dros in the Netherlands, onto the Gooee Building Intelligence Platform. The company is the first smart technology firm in the world to win a project that connects more than 5,000 buildings to its Platform. Gooee’s Building Operating System will take control of inefficient, existing building systems to optimize both building and business performance. With almost 12million sq.m being maintained and serviced by Croonwolter&dros, just 10% saving on energy alone would save €120M in costs over the 10-year agreement.
This is just the start for Gooee. We envisage this to continue due to Gooee’s differentiating capabilities. Future-proofing the system was always our objective; this will enable us to adapt to new technology as and when they are introduced.
Testimonials from Clienteles
Bas Ambachtsheer, President at Croonwolter&dros, says “If people thought buildings were smart now, they are in for a shock. A system like Gooee, which integrates into our total proposition of ’getting-a-grip’ on a building, will become a standard. I am pleased to say that I’m going to use Gooee as the main solution provider and roll it out across our portfolio in combination with a smart front-end app solution from our strategic partner, Office App. But this is just the beginning. Implementing the Gooee platform, starting with BUILDVIEW™ across our estate enables us to gain visibility throughout our portfolio and offer clients an enhanced service with improved operational efficiency.”
François van Burk, one of the founders of Building Bright says: “One of the largest real estate consultants, Croonwolter & dros, starts using Gooee. The same applies to the lighting manufacturers Sylvania Lighting and Aurora. These big players recognize Gooee’s added-value. For example, organizations no longer have to pay for dozens of licenses. And this is just one example. Recently, someone, I have a close working relationship with told me: “If I don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to change something about a room, it sounds like a perfect solution.”
About the Founders 
Founder & CEO, Andrew Johnson co-founded Gooee alongside Neil Salt (serving as Managing Director) and Simon Coombes (CTO). Neil’s lighting and technology knowledge stem from his 20+ year career within the industry, and working alongside the co-founders, has used his experience and creativity to develop Gooee’s strategy for hardware and software formulating its innovative IoT full-stack solution.
Neil has been implementing Gooee’s execution strategy through partnerships with industry disruptors across multiple sectors to accelerate adoption and drive the company’s global growth.