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Goldman Sachs font reaches power

In early June, Goldman Sachs introduced Goldman Sans, a typeface it describes as “approachable without being whimsical” and “neutral, with a wink.” It’s free for anyone to download, and it would appear to be part of a continuing effort by the bank to seem more digital and open.
In recent years, Goldman has relaxed its dress code, collaborated with Apple on a credit card and opened an online consumer bank called Marcus. (Technically, Goldman Sans is a typeface, while its component forms — Goldman Sans italic, for example — constitute fonts. But many people use the terms interchangeably.)
Bespoke typefaces are an increasingly common corporate flex. Other companies that have recently commissioned them include Toyota, Duolingo, Southwest Airlines and CNN. Google has created several, from the minimalist Open Sans, to the playful YouTube Sans, to the ever-so asymmetric Scope One. Goldman intends to phase the font into its branding and marketing needs across its website, apps and even YouTube videos.
“Corporate fonts provide a consumer’s first impression,” said Sarah Hyndman, the author of “Why Fonts Matter” and the owner of Type Tasting, which offers multisensory font workshops. “It sets a tone. It creates trust. It’s a flavor.” (Source : Economic Times)