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Sergio Retamal, Founder and CEO, Global4PL

Global4PL: Because Global Supply Chain with Solid Experience and AI Truly Works.

The current market conditions of Supply Chain Solution industry have been turbulent due to Covid-19 and the trade wars and their repercussions in additional retaliation over US products overseas. Some countries that have been quite open in the past have retaliated with increased red tape in addition to tariffs.
The foreseeable market conditions will continue to be turbulent as there is a clear need to migrate some manufacturing out of China, especially the latest and most remarkable technologies and hi-tech products. IP theft and forced transfer of technologies remain serious concerns. Realistically, any transfer of technology to China will not be controlled, so the transfer should be discouraged to protect the latest and greatest IP.
“The industry has changed, but we thrive in change,” says the team of Global4PL. Global4PL’s team consists of supply chain experts who have dealt with hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, volcanos, SARs I-V, coups, and political unrest in many countries. “During tough times we thrive, and we demonstrate even more our skills,” the team adds further.
When it All Began
Global4PL established in 2004, started off as an IOR-EOR service company to help clients establish their business and export their products to as many as 168 countries worldwide. The company aimed to make legal entities, customs brokerage, transportation management services, and trade laws easier for its clients, so they can continue in their vision to expand their business despite geographical boundaries.
As technology and trade expand and undergo several changes and advancements, the company built its foundation on helping clients overcome their operational deficiencies and cater to millions of customers that are not limited by geographical constraints.
Over time, Global4PL established itself as a reliable and economical option that has become one of the most trusted and efficient partners for Fortune 5000 manufacturers, importers, and retailers to grow internationally. The company’s clients now have access to a true global supply chain network to advance their global capabilities and function worldwide to as many as 168 countries.
If one has heard of the ‘Amazon Effect’, it can be assumed that it was not until recently that businesses could export their products to their customer’s doorstep without a single reseller in between. As the concept of resellers slowly diminishes, companies like ours are taking their place. The company assures its clients that they will have their products delivered directly to their houses, no matter where they are situated in the world.
Global4PL’s team knows that the import/export business has changed to eliminate the reseller in between, so they are motivated to be that mediator and help clients cater to their customer’s demands through safe and reliable exporting and importing. “We also know that time is money, and respect our clients’ needs to have their products delivered to their customers as quickly and efficiently as possible,” shares the team of Global4PL.
Dynamics of Global4PL
Global trade is painful by nature because of the number of regulations and red tape that exists in each country. Global4PL’s network and services include licensed professionals and entities in a country that allow it to provide a seamless and, more importantly, headache-free service by removing clients’ risk globally.
“We help our customers to grow globally by providing our network, experience, knowledge, and resources worldwide. We make their headaches disappear as we drive and control the process,” shares the team of Global4PL.
When exporting to a new country or importing from a new country, there are many rules and regulations that a business needs to be vigilant of. Global4PL takes this into account and acts as the client’s in-country support through understanding and working in accordance with the laws of the country.
Its clients do not have to worry about establishing an understanding of the import/export laws of the country they are sending or bringing their equipment from, because the company makes sure that all the requirements of business-related activities are met in the country they are aiming to expand their business into.
The company has been in the forefront of the supply chain technologies and one of the first to implement complete SaaS models by developing its own software solutions for the supply chain industry and its customers for the last 15 years.
Global4PL’s Distinguished Offerings:
IOR/EOR service: IOR-EOR is a global program that enables companies to export to other countries efficiently and painlessly. Acting as your company’s in-country legal entity, Global4PL can support your sales and customer service while also allowing your company to keep spare inventory near your end customer sites to support quick turn repairs.
Compliance (BIS, CBP, and OFAC): We offer a comprehensive set of services to ensure compliance with import/export regulations and improve our compliance processes’ efficiency. We develop and document a comprehensive import/export program proven to pass muster with CBP and/or BIS in the event of an audit. We will seek out Customs transaction errors to avoid costly fines. We will also identify any duty savings opportunities.
Supply Chain Services: We conduct a complete review of your supply chain management that spans all movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption. We provide inbound and outbound services from customs clearance, warehousing, and reverse logistics functions, both domestically and internationally. Lastly, we identify inefficiencies and opportunities for cost savings.
Supply Chain and Global trade, and Visibility Software: Global4PL has many tools developed by the company to support the global supply chain from visibility and traceability, document control, document creation, DPL Screening, and other tools require for companies to be able to have solid compliance and an efficient supply chain.
Leading Global4PL
With the fast-moving changes in the industry, along with rapid advancements, Global4PL saw that there was an opportunity for growth. “We knew that customers across the globe needed equipment and supplies for multiple setups in many different countries,” describes Sergio Retamal, Founder and CEO of Global4PL. “We wanted to be the company that saw their needs and provided them with a reliable, convenient, and regulated method of getting their supplies to all their locations,” he further adds.
Sergio has extensive experience of more than 25 years in procurement and supply chain management. His professional experience includes management roles in the United States, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Sergio has been widely recognized for his accomplishments. Some of these accolades include recognition by the Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine’s Pros-To-Know for an unprecedented 12th time. He was recently appointed to the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Economic Advisory Council.
Even though the company serves over 160 countries, Sergio thinks that Global4PL needs to grow the intra-country networks in the key countries where some migrations will happen in the next few years. “We aim to expand our reach to as many countries as possible so that clients with growing businesses can increase their reach globally,” says Sergio.  Many progressive and innovative companies are held back from reaching a new, wider range of customers because of laws and regulations in foreign countries aiming to sell their products.
Global4PL and Sergio hopes to become more cognizant of regulations and trade laws worldwide, to ease the IOR/EOR process for their clients, regardless of the kind of business environment they need to function in.