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Global Convergence: A Full Portfolio of Channel-Driven IT Services

Providing customers an end-to-end array of global IT services, which can support them during the deployment and maintenance of their customer’s projects, Global Convergence, (GCI), specializes in voice, data and enterprise mobility networks across multiple vendors, and offers everything from design to deployment and to management in 170 countries worldwide.

With a strong foundation in the U.S. and a global footprint, GCI enables Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Service Providers (SPs) to bring emerging, innovative and disruptive technologies to market that complement their portfolio. GCI’s suite of global IT services, ServLinkSM, is designed for the channel and can be leveraged to build customized service offerings for its complex projects.

Clients can leverage GCI’s expertise and capabilities to complement theirs, to minimize their investment as they adopt new technologies, to maximize their return on effort and to drive new revenue opportunities.

Jim Bradshaw, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Global Convergence, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing as well as a Master’s degree in Finance. Jim focuses on the long term planning and strategic direction of the company. With over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Jim founded Network Dynamics (a Global Convergence Company) in 1994. Prior to NDI, Jim was a corporate officer and General Manager with TechForce Corporation, a public company that successfully built a nationwide lifecycle services practice to plan, implement and manage mission-critical network environments.

Services and Solutions

As the channel’s service and solutions company, GCI has extensive capabilities to provide both wireless technology expertise and global coverage to its partners. Their wireless core competencies span both indoor and outdoor networks, which includes, Wireless Engineering, Consulting and Deployment, Identity and Access Management, Data Privacy & Encryption, RTLS/Location Services and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).

GCI’s delivers an enhanced suite of global services and supply chain management programs to meet the increasing need for integrated global support of their partners and clients. They provide OEMs, Service Providers, Solution Providers, Solution Integrators, and VARs with the ability to deliver solutions that meet the needs of its multi-national end user clients across the entire supply chain globally.

A Unique Single Point of Accountability for Service Delivery

GCI provides a unique single point of accountability for service delivery from the largest global partners to partners in the emerging growth technology sectors. Regional delivery models are no longer satisfactory for multi-national clients, who demand SLA driven services on a global basis. GCI is positioned as the innovative leader in global support services.

In addition to SLA driven services, GCI provides configure-to-order (CTO) via technical staging centers. This capability combined with a robust global Project Management Office (PMO), supports the need for partners and clients to drive high velocity deployments providing the global implementation of strategic technology solutions.

The GCI mission is to deliver cutting-edge services and solutions, creating positive outcomes for its partners via excellence in execution. The company utilizes a high-touch, high-value model, delivers innovative services and solutions, flexibility, speed and worldwide scope to achieve this mission. This focus has allowed GCI to overcome all the roadblocks and challenges the company has faced.