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Mr. Mahair Goh | CEO | Global Art

Global Art: Nurturing Young Minds through Innovation

In this ever-changing era, innovation has become synonymous with technology. However, in its broader sense, it is something original and more effective. A consequence that breaks the barriers and standards set by markets and society, to make a meaningful impact.
For the word innovation, the sky is not the limit and we at Insights Success believe the same. Hence, on our quest to find the most innovative companies for this year, we have taken a step further. To achieve this, we have broken the technological barriers associated with the word innovation and explored a new realm.
Allow us to introduce you to Global Art, an organization which is inculcating its motto of ‘Think Creative’ in its children with innovative approach and curriculum.
Rise to Prominence
To provide students with a broader perspective of learning, Global Art was founded in the year 1999. Since its inception, the organization has been recognized for its effective and proven syllabus in inculcating learning and creative thinking. Catering to ages 3 to 18, it trains children to be creative thinkers and problem solvers by promoting imagination, innovation and creativity.
Global Art courses are developed so its children can have a holistic understanding and exploration. Its core, enhancement and complementary programs enable learners to explore, experiment and discover their creativity, artistic sense and skills through its wide range of creative art and craft courses and activities.
With a mission to motivate young people to embrace creativity and innovation, Global Art is successfully implementing its programs across the globe. The Global Art program is currently implemented in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, and many more APAC region countries along with USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco. It has been recognized as a multinational franchise business with more than 600 centers worldwide.
Notable Products and Services
Global Art, with its innovative approach builds products that cater to the needs of its students. Its Learning centers are conducive. They are equipped with staff who have simple, systematic, standardized, effective teaching and learning methodology. It also promotes research and development techniques and courses for its children as well as for teachers.
To match the needs and its children across different regions, it designs, customizes and produces its own learning material and merchandise. Global Art also conducts annual national and international level Art Competition to keep its students’ curiosity peaked and helps them see the endless possibilities in the creative industry.
Its notable services include: Online System and Operational Compliance, Providing Business Solution to center operations, franchisee training program (FTP), Teacher Training Program (TTP), and Marketing and Technical Support (Operation, Open Day & Events).
The Ingenious Mind
Born and raised in a small fishing village in Pulau Pangkor, the youngest among eight siblings and CEO of Global Art, Mr. Mahair Goh’s success today isn’t devoid hardships and struggles. After losing his father to a terminal illness and his mother then being the only sole breadwinner, Mr. Goh had to start working at an early age.
Mr. Goh is the only child in his family who has received college education. However, to fulfill his dreams of education, he had to supplement his studies. Hence, he started taking art classes part-time and soon discovered his passion for teaching art. He decided to turn his dream into a reality by establishing his own art center, opening up doors for new business opportunities and possibilities locally and abroad.
Mr. Goh attributes his success to his strong belief in his ideas, business concept and passion in teaching art. His principles as a teacher remain his strongest asset in the expansion of the Global Art Program.
Creating a Productive Environment
Global Art claims to promote a ‘family’ like environment. It gives its staff members high flexibility to carry out their daily tasks with weekly meetings. Even in strict deadlines, the company ensures that its employees have a quality work-life balance. Occasionally, the company organizes leisure and sports activities like ‘get together’ dinner, karaoke and badminton sessions where everyone attends and connect as a team.
Global Art rewards its employees with Employee Insurance, Annual Medical Check-ups, Birthday Party, Cash bonus, Merchandise Vouchers, Annual Company Trips, and Bonuses as motivation and appreciation to improve and do better for its customers and company.
Growth and improvement of all involved with the company and the creative industry is the biggest reward considered by Global Art. It has been successful in spreading its message on the importance of Art & Creativity. Its efforts have also played a key role in the development of more creative based industry. The company has also helped in extending the source of income of the working class by providing the knowledge, experience, and know-how of the art.
Global Art continuously strives to improve the knowledge and confidence in teaching art, improving two-way communications and business transactions between HQ & Franchisee, increased redemptions of merchandise activities and much more.
Future Endeavors
Global Art has always envisioned world-embracing creativity and innovation side-by-side. With its vision now taking shape in reality, it plans to create art courses for the general public/art enthusiasts (age 21-60) and incorporate digital learning in specific Global Art Courses. It also aims to embrace digital media for better servicing, marketing, promotion, and engagement.
The company desires to open its franchisee business in more continents and become a trendsetter in the art enrichment industry in the years to come.