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GIS Boom on the Planet Earth

“Geographic Information System is the God of all the technologies right now. One can implement GIS in most of the fields. It will be right to say that, there is a GIS Boom on the Planet Earth.”
Latest Trends In GeoSpatial Industry:

  1. Survey and Mapping:Land surveying for urban and rural development with the help of the most advanced laser and satellite collaborated instruments, helps to acquire data and the same data can be visualized in 3D. Water bodies or an ocean survey like hydrographic and Bathymetric survey helps to understand user, underwater world till the depth of 4500m deep sea in 3D; hydrography is also used for pre and post dredging and Geo-Thermal Activities.
  2. Urban Management Application:Urban management application helps to monitor massive urban big data, with statistical land records and demography. It can also be customized according to the different country’s governments urbanization policies and parameters for accurate and analytic urban agglomeration data output.
  3. Location Based Services:Location Intelligence, Site suitability analysis, Geo-fencing, usage based insurance, vehicle fleet management and real time product tracking are few examples of location based services. Location Based Service is very much important these days, to rehabilitate a business location in another country or a market research for setting up a product or services. We can also monitor the spread of Disease with the help of Artificial Intelligence.
  4. Smart City:A Smart city is never an expensive city, but; it is a most resourceful city at comparatively affordable rates. Smart mobility where effective public transport – improves traffic flow, Smart water where high quality water supply catering to growth population and smart planning where expansion of city is pre planned till next 100 years with Machine Learning.
  5. Infrastructure Management: Mega Structures can also be visualized and monitored in 3D and can be managed with customized parameters and querying filters. With the help of more advanced GIS automated software and real time high-end motion sensors it is also possible record smallest movement in Aerodrome or giant multi-disciplinary functioning construction site.

Challenges Faced While Entering In The Atmosphere Of Corporate Sphere:

  1. It is a critical task to maintain cash flow for a startup consultancy:

For a startup infrastructure cost and overhead expenses holds the major percentage. Travelling one place to another to meet clients and vendors, Getting participated in National/International conferences to understand the market up gradation, setting up meetings with several small, medium and high profile industrialists; needs a heavy and constant cash flow.

  1. To run multiple projects with limited cash and to stick with Pre-planned business project model:A Startup company breathes on the project out sourced. It is not at all difficult to get collaborated with some of the genuine companies by communication development and human networking. The main obstacle is when you invest in particular project and money inflow is inversely opposite. But Work input is more important than money, so it is tricky to run multiple projects with low cash reimbursement from multiple clients and money management.
  2. All the Governmental GIS projects have tremendous Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) to bid the Tender:The technology we are dealing with is very much expensive as it is most advanced, effective and well oriented. In every country, GIS data is majorly produced by country’s own government. Therefore, in India any GIS project’s tender EMD (Earnest Money Deposit) amount is extremely high as per the project requirement with the locking period of the EMD amount. All Government sectors has pre-defined eligibility for minimum work experience to bid for the tender, but there is no chance for any fresh company to participate for the tender because the tender parameters are already sequenced in an order to win by the big GIS

Players. So, now how the fresh, new and very high technical skill manpower startup company will grow in India, is the big Question.
About the Author
Abhishek Rathod is a Co-Founder of Arianrhod GeoSpatial Solutions Private Limited, based in Pune city, India. He believes in first, the human network and then the technologic network. He is a Geographer and Startup Entrepreneur. Arianrhod GeoSpatial Solutions, is a Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing services and consultancy firm. Where water and land surveying, 3D mapping for smart cities, Development of the urban and rural infrastructure, Climatology, Location Based Services, detail Environment and health research is carried out with the use of GIS software using drones, Total Stations, Differential Global Positioning Systems and High Resolution Satellite Aerial Data.