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Gigas: Providing World-Class Cloud Hosting Services

In the last few years, Cloud-based services have become more of a standard solution for the enterprise world. It is further estimated that cloud-computing will continue to grow at a robust pace in the next five years. Their establishment in the IT market is due to the unmatched advantages that it offers. It provides quick access to functionality, flexibility due to subscriptions, scalability to support evolving business needs and reduces IT efforts. One of the emerging leaders in this highly competitive market is Gigas, a Spanish Cloud Computing company listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange since 2015. They have built a world-class cloud hosting business that provides best-in-class solutions and services to customers worldwide.
Established by proficient internet experts, Gigas offers the most powerful cloud hosting solutions to customers from all verticals, in a simple, safe, reliable, flexible, scalable, efficient and cost-effective manner. They have emerged as a true market leader in its native Spanish market and key-Spanish markets throughout Latin America, thereby attracting large enterprises such as Walmart, Aon, Diners Club, OHL, United Nations, Canal 13 and various others. They are well-known for their close operating relationship with their customers, providing tailored solutions and for offering sound technical support. It should come as no surprise that last year Gigas won the tender to be one of the five official suppliers of public cloud services to the European Commission and its Agencies.
Breaking-free from the Shackles
When the company was formed in 2011, Gigas spotted SAP as the perfect match for the cloud services it was offering to its customers. Cloud Infrastructure as a service back then was almost non-existent in the Spanish market. It was their visionary that enabled them to foresee a future in which the rapid adoption of certain mission-critical applications with significant computing needs supported by virtualized infrastructure made total sense.
For an on-premise environment, putting together an enterprise application SAP involved an enormous investment up-front. In addition to the hefty investments, implementation time to set up the infrastructure also takes longer. Before setting up Gigas, these problems were pre-existent within the industry. The idea behind the launch of Gigas was to address and solve these issues, by reducing implementation time to market dramatically, scaling infrastructure resources up or down as per the business requirements and more importantly, by reducing costs.
Providing a Pool of Services
Gigas SAP-certified Cloud Datacenter is the only available solution in the market that allows their customers to define and design their own cloud infrastructure. Unlike its contemporaries, they do not sell virtual machinery, rather a set of unlimited resources (RAM, memory, storage) to replicate a physical data center in a virtual environment. Within their Cloud Datacenter, they provide their customers with a basic firewall for each of their servers. Gigas offers the most advanced security solutions through their partnerships with some of the leading firewall vendors such as Fortinet. Their Cloud Datacenter solution is one of the few in the world to comply with the new European Code of Conduct for Cloud Infrastructure Service Providers. This, in turn, ensures optimum privacy of customer’s data and is in compliance with the strict European Data Protection regulations.
In addition to all the services mentioned above, Gigas is obsessed with providing the best technical support among its contemporaries. They understand that in complex environments problems are bound to spring up, which is why they strive towards providing a knowledgeable and empowered customer technical support to solve customer issues and queries as soon as possible. With a track record of solving over 80% of their customer queries within their first contact itself, Gigas holds an unprecedented position in providing customer satisfaction.
An Inspiring Duo with an Eye for the Future
Gigas was found and built from the bottom by the duo of Jose Antonio Arribas, who currently holds the COO position, and Diego Cabezudo, the CEO of the company. It was them who spotted SAP as the perfect match for the cloud services they wanted to offer their customers. Their ideas and astute prediction of the future market trends, propelled Gigas to what it is known as today.
Their combined experience of over 40 years in the tech arena, led Gigas to become the leading cloud hosting company in Spain and a growing force in the Latin American market. Among the two, Jose holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology, whereas Diego completed Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Navarra in Spain. The latter further continued with his study by completing an Executive MBA course from the London Business School.
Living up to the Responsibilities of Hosting a SAP Platform
It is of enormous responsibility to host a SAP platform that supports some of the most critical processes and information of a company. Customers are always on the lookout for companies that can provide an enterprise grade service, but at the same time be available locally whenever there is a requirement for complex implementations or when a problem arises. Gigas, with its local offices and personnel throughout Spain and Latin America, a proficient technical support team in Spanish, and other unparalleled services, it provides a significant advantage for its customers.
Gigas was one of the first cloud providers who were awarded with the SAP “Infrastructure Operations Service” certification in 2014. Having gone through the process of certifying their platform and with the experience of having deployed dozens of SAP environments, Gigas knows how to optimize the platform so that the processes can run smoothly, efficiently and reliably. This triggers an improvement in performance, productivity, and corporate efficiency. In fact, their certifications and expertise have helped many of their existing customers to make the decision to migrate their SAP applications to the cloud. Cloud computing has solved and improved IT operations from different angles, but it also offers significant advantages to today’s companies. It is therefore easy to understand why Gigas platform became the solution of choice for many customers and SAP partners to deploy their SAP installations.

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