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Gigas Hosting S.A.: Originality and Excellence Combined to Perfection

Gigas Hosting S.A. has built a world-class cloud hosting business that provides best-in- class solutions and services to customers worldwide. Although there are much larger players in the industry, from a competitive standpoint, Gigas has found, time and again, that businesses are more interested in excellence in service than incumbency.
In just six years of operations, Gigas has emerged as a true market leader in their native Spanish market and key Spanish-speaking markets throughout Latin America, attracting large enterprises such as Walmart, United Nations, Aon, Avianca, Diners Club, Acciona, Gas Natural, Iberdrola, OHL, Canal 13 or Barcelo. The company has deployed datacenters in Europe, North America and South America and offices in Spain, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Panama, USA and Mexico.
An Accomplishment Worthy of Pride
Gigas has developed an award-winning cloud platform that has attracted more than 4.000 enterprise customers. In 2014, the company was one of the first cloud providers to be awarded the SAP “Infrastructure Operations Service” certification. Its focus on hosting mission critical services makes it natural to run complex SAP production environments in an efficient, secure and flexible way.
Gigas’s Cloud Datacenter provides a pool of resources (CPU, RAM, storage, networking, security) which customers can manage themselves in order to set up virtual machines, VLANs, VPNs, backups, load balancers, different types of storage, commercial firewalls, etc. An easy to use but powerful control panel allows the deployment of highly complex system architectures in real time, from a fully automated and optimized environment. Clients can therefore decide, at any given moment, what their requirements are and expand or decrease instantly according to the needs of their business, as well as distribute them geographically among Gigas’ datacenters.
An Inspiring Duo with an Eye for the Future
Gigas was found and built from the bottom by the duo of Jose Antonio Arribas, who currently holds the COO position, and Diego Cabezudo, the CEO of the company. It was them who designed the cloud services they would have wanted to have as customers. Their ideas and astute prediction of the future market trends, propelled Gigas to what it is known as today.
Their combined experience in the tech arena, led Gigas to become the leading cloud hosting company in Spain and a growing force in the Latin American market. Among the two, Jose holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology, whereas Diego completed Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Navarra in Spain. The latter further continued with his study by completing an Executive MBA at London Business School.
A Trustworthy and Secure Partner
Security is at the core of what Gigas does. Included in its Cloud Datacenter, customers get a basic firewall for each of their servers and Gigas also partners with leading firewall vendors such as Fortinet, to offer the most advanced security solutions. The data centers are designed and operated following the highest possible specifications for a data center (Tier III and Tier IV) and the Company is ISO 27001 and PCI DSS level 1 certified, to ensure the security of all its systems and processes.
Furthermore, its Cloud Datacenter solution is one of the few cloud solutions in the world to comply with the new European Code of Conduct for Cloud Infrastructure Service Providers from CISPE, which ensures total privacy of customers’ data and compliance with the strict European Data Protection regulations.
Service, Service and Service.
Hosting the platform that supports some of the most critical processes and information in a company is an enormous responsibility. Customers look for companies that on the one hand can provide an enterprise grade service but that on the other hand can also be
available locally and in person when a complex implementation so requires or when a problem arises. This is even more important in the Spanish and Latin cultures, where personal relationships and face-to-face dealings are a key part in a negotiation. Gigas, with its local offices and personnel and its savvy technical support in Spanish, coupled with local datacenters and compliance with local regulations, data protection and local billing to avoid withholding taxes, represents a significant advantage when compared to large multinationals providing services remotely from the US and with technical support in English and by email.
A Top-of-The-Line Feature Rich Solution
Another major differentiator is Gigas “Teletransportation” feature. Unlike virtual machine migration offerings from the rest of the industry (including the large hyper-scale providers such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure), Gigas clients can instantly and seamlessly “teletransport” running live virtual machines from one continent to another with the simple click of a mouse, as many times a day as required, no IP address changes, reboots or special training required. This feature allows customers to allocate resources dynamically in datacenters closest to where their end users are at each hour of the day, to adapt to changes in global requirements. “Teletransportation” eliminates the need for duplicating resources in different geographies, allowing companies to do more with less, cutting costs for many companies by 50 percent, while optimizing speed, service and business continuity.
A Hallmark of Excellence
The mention of Gigas, without its several accomplishments and awards would be an incomplete story. The company stood out as one of the top Significant Providers in the “Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service” report for four consecutive years and Best Hosting and Cloud Company for two years. Furthermore, it won the prestigious the “Best IaaS Service in the Market” in 2013 and 2014; Best Cloud Service Provider in Spain in 2015 and 2016. The most recent of its journey saw the company win, ‘Best World Cloud Hosting Provider’ by The Cloud Awards in its 2015-16 and 2017- 2018 editions. Gigas has also been included in the prestigious Financial Times’ 1,000 Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies for the last two years.
Moreover, Gigas has received the recognition from its more than 4.000 enterprise customers, and among others, won the tender to be one of the five official suppliers of public cloud services to the European Commission, three years ago, making Gigas the only Spanish company to provide cloud services to the European Commission and its Government agencies.
After only four years in the market, and following explosive growth, Gigas went public in November 2015 in the Madrid Stock Exchange (GIGA.MC). If markets are good indicators of the progress of a company, investors seem to be betting for a bright future for Gigas; the Company’s shares have grown over 100% since the start of the year.
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