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Gary Olson, CEO, GHO Group LLC

GHO Group LLC: Bringing Vision to Reality

For any organization to become successful, a proper communication medium with an initial vision between all phases of management, finance, and technology is important. With a common understanding and clear objective, the goal of the company can be achieved easily. Having such an understanding of different and complex media technologies GHO Group, LLC is helping its clients to define a practical implementation of a plan from concept to reality. The company helps its customers to define and implement their vision for generating business growth.

In an interview conducted between Insights Success, Gary Olson, the CEO of the company, shares how he brings this vision to reality.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

What led to the inception of the company?

GHO Group was created as the next generation of my original company VDO Ltd. a specialized highly innovative engineering and consulting company designing new national television networks globally and domestically. As the media and entertainment industry evolved, we are called upon to help them strategize on which technologies and workflows will support this evolution. This was a slight pivot from design, engineering, and project management to providing more consultative support in the technology strategy and decision-making process including budgeting and project planning. We develop new workflows based on the implementation of new technologies.

Describe your company and its creative marketing and advertising solutions which address all the needs of your customers.

GHO Group provides consulting design services to the broadcast, production and digital media community. Our services include strategic planning and budgeting for new or updating existing facilities, project management, RFP process and workflow changes to support the adoption of new technology. Our knowledge areas include broadcast, production and origination technologies, cloud, media asset management and multiple platform origination.

Our approach to marketing is by participating in industry trade groups, writing articles, and giving presentations. The marketing for our consulting services is typically word-of-mouth type of recommendation.

How do your solutions differ from others?

We are an independent, objective product agnostic consultancy. We pride ourselves on helping our clients with the best, practical and cost-effective solution that meets their needs and goals. We work closely with their teams to assist in the adoption and understanding of new workflows.

Give a detailed description of the featured person’s influence over the company and the industry.

Gary Olson is the founder and visionary of GHO Group. As an innovator in media technology, Gary has designed and created new solutions to help his clients achieve their goals. He applies his broad spectrum of experience to deliver creative, cost practical sustainable solutions. He works closely with his clients helping them introduce and adopt new workflows.

Could you throw some light on company’s mission and vision statement?

Our mission statement “Bringing Vision to Reality” says it all. We help our clients bring their ideas and conceptual visions to practical and implementable solutions. We create the strategy, specifications, and budgets, identify the technology and resources to build their dreams. Once it’s funded, we act as project executive overseeing the implementation, creating new workflows, and helping with adoption.

How are advance technologies bringing disruption in the marketing and advertising sector?

There are number of innovative disruptive technologies in the marketing and advertising sectors using machine learning and other AI techniques. There are technologies embedded in apps on all platforms that monitor user profile activity and send that information to recommendation engines to promote products, duration tracking when videos are watched, search and purchasing profiling are commonplace.  Advertisers and marketers are getting more granular in their efforts to touch consumers.

What is the greatest challenges media and entertainment sector facing and how are they best dealt with?  

The current efforts to launch new streaming services by program providers and create siloed distribution channels for their content is problematic. The competing services are creating their own programming in an effort to attract subscribers. OTA, allowed viewers to choose content, cable offered the same under an aggregated subscription model. The streaming services are commissioning content that is exclusive to their platform. This is forcing the consumer to subscribe to multiple platforms and toggle between platforms to watch content. This overcomplicates viewing and dilutes the audience. The segregation of streaming services needs to be resolved.

What are the company’s future aspirations? What strategies are you undertaking to achieve those goals?

The company is pivoting and expanding into Artificial Intelligence and evangelizing best practices in Cyber Security for the broadcast, production, and digital media communities.