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Genius Printers – Facilitating the Revolution of 3D Printing with its Future Solutions

The era of 3D printing has arrived and it is here to stay. From producing artificial prosthetics to the creation of human-like kidneys – the variation and advancements of this technology is growing meteorically, print by print. Though it might take some time before 3D printing commands its dominance over the building design industry; the current printed projection showcases the colossal potential of this technology in the near future. Additionally, with the reducing cost of owning a printer, as well as the declining cost of manufacturing, the printing sector is poised to revolutionize the future of technology for numerous industries.
Those familiar with this industry would most likely be aware of some of the most common and existing printing technologies in the market which includes FDM, DMLS, SLS, etc. But there has been a soaring rise in the number of 3D printing technology types in the recent past, with new and emerging companies developing and filing patent for their unique methods of printing. This ongoing 3D printing revolution, also known as additive manufacturing, is shifting our perception of ideation and production. One company that is playing its part in facilitating this shift is Genius Printers, a 3D printing technology solution provider, which boasts an unmatched profile of pending patent features.
Driving the Industry with Acute 3D Printing Technologies
In recent years, 3D printing has found acceptance in various industry verticals. The current printing technologies are driven by its material properties, enabling the production of objects with the same functionalities but in lower tooling cost and product weight. At Genius Printers, their team of proficient employees is dedicated to create and provide innovative 3D printing technologies. Whether it is FDM, SLA, SLS, or Gel Processing robot arms, their broad reach of expertise enables them to provide a solution for nearly every application.
The Brain behind these Innovations
Empires of the future are built upon the Empires of the mind. Markus Ulrich, CEO and Founder of Genius Printers, is the visionary who has led this company from its very beginning. All the technologies invented by Genius Printers have cropped out of the mind of Markus. Born in Germany, Markus completed his mechanical engineering degree from the Dortmund University. He then went on to gain extensive knowledge as a broker, trader and trustee. Markus then formed and founded an IT-database company and sold the business 13 years later.
Turning Digital Files into Physical Objects
The recent developments within the printing arena have fuelled speculations concerning the various production abilities that 3D printing may be capable of in the future. We have all heard about the possibilities of printing dentures, houses, wheels or cars through this technology, but we fail to realize whether it can live up to our standards of usability. Most printed objects are fine for demonstration purposes, but surface roughness and material distribution isn’t comparable to injection or stamped parts. As the layers aren’t well joined, they don’t possess the requisite vector strength. Thus printed parts, at least FDM prints, can hardly be used for functional purposes. This is where Genius Printers’ adequate solutions come into play, to tackle with the above-mentioned issues.
Genius Printers has come up with a development and has filed a patent to reserve the rights for the innovation they are on the path of achieving. Their solution involves the usage of centrifugal force inside a drum to press out or inject granulates, which is currently used by injection molders, thereby reducing the flowing plastic’s viscosity for a fraction of a second. This is due to the spark at each tiny little hole inside a cartridge, contrastingly similar to the inkjet printers we use in our mundane lives.
Genius Printers has even filed a patent for using a flexible and turn-able nozzle to produce detailed fine lines as well as wide ones, hence printing up to 100 times faster than the present FDM printing technology. They believe that the same principle applies to concrete, silicone, gel or any other liquefied process-able materials. Through this, they can un-age the current printer designs, derived almost 30 years ago, and start off with self-driven gel-printing robotic arms to produce structures like real-sized cars or vehicles for design departments, or huge scale-ups for marketing purposes in stores as exhibitions.
A Future Full of Promises
Genius Printers is preparing to exploit all areas of its patents in the coming few years by seeking funds in Europe and the US in exchange for shares. They are even welcoming tech-savvy engineers and experienced marketing professionals to join their team of professionals. Genius Printers views the future market as highly valuable for their filed patents. They believe that robotic arms – on a moving platform – will help to print objects and houses; their drum printers based upon resin powder and granulate will enable 100 times faster print speed; they see a market for big daylight resin printers and functional granulate-processing printers as well.
Genius Printers aims to optimize production by offering new printing technologies, which are so fast that even real mass production becomes possible for multi-color and multi-material objects. They have formulated a 3-year plan that would enable them to realize the potential of every technology developed by them.

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