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General Datatech : Transcending The Sale of Technology

For nearly two decades, General Datatech has been enabling client success through the integration of technology. Not only important in the simplification of processes and procedures, technology enables change. GDT is an award winning technology integration partner with expertise in the delivery of enterprise network, collaboration, mobility and data center technologies to service providers, large enterprises, and businesses of all sizes. It empowers businesses to thrive and succeed.
Big Data Solutions over the Expected Disruption
The biggest technological disruption of the last decade and arguably of the next decade is occurring around Big Data, around the products and services that enable the acquisition of data from thousands, millions, or billions of disparate devices and the rapid real-time analysis of up-to-the-minute data to enable fast, accurate, informed decisions. GDT is investing in the partnerships, education, credentialing, and company-wide innovation necessary to walk hand and hand with clients through the inevitable change this disruption will bring.
GDT has built a state of the art lab and staging facility that it shares with partners and clients to replicate, validate, and fine-tune engineered solutions. This year, the company invested in the GDT Experience, a showcase for an opportunity that brings to life expected outcomes that involve the most innovative and in-demand ideas and technologies -analytics, Big Data, analytics, IoE, virtualization, cloud, collaboration, convergence, mobility and more.
JW Roberts, Promoter of Self Managing, Self Monitoring, & Personal Growth
JW Roberts, founder and CEO of GDT, has guided GDT since its inception in 1996. Under his leadership, the company has experienced continued, double-digit growth in both revenue and profitability, and is now nearing a billion dollars in annual revenue. His attitudes have fostered a company culture and business climate that promote self managing, self monitoring, and personal growth for each and every GDT team member. JW’s approaches and attitudes have stimulated the birth of creative customer solutions and led to an expansion of business unprecedented in the Cisco VAR industry.
Teamwork Underscored
JW and his team embrace individuality and value teamwork. The company has created a culture that attracts highly-skilled, industry-recognized architects and engineers. GDT teams is expert with clients and with industry leading partners and innovators such as Cisco, EMC, VMware, SAP. This unified team strategizes, virtualizes, optimizes and transforms the greatest ideas into the latest realities.
The GDT team is known for getting things done and getting them done well. GDT is a Cisco Gold partner and has been awarded for excellence by its partners, including Cisco. The company’s list of Cisco awards includes both Global and US Architectural Excellence for Service Provider Architectures, US Architectural Excellence for Data Center. GDT has five times earned recognition as a Cisco Enterprise Partner of the Year.
GDT clients include some of the largest US service providers in the US as well as organizations across industry-in healthcare, retail, energy, finance, manufacturing, and state and local government. In order to best serve its client, GDT, through its subsidiary GDT Manufacturing, offers customer-manufactured fiber and copper cable assemblies, and through its subsidiary GDT Advanced Solutions, offers managed and cloud services that mitigate the cost and consequences of downtime and delays.
In technology as in the world, change is the only constant. GDT remains dedicated to excellence, to the ongoing short-term and long-term success of its partners and clients, and to embracing and facilitating inevitable change.