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GAVS Technologies: Accelerating Innovation and Digital Transformation

As we are surging towards the digital era, organizations are intending to shift digital iteration to innovation, using AI to improve their processes, increase customization, and boost their productivity. Many of the world’s leading companies, including Amazon, Facebook, and Google are competing to lead in the AI technology space.
GAVS Technologies, founded in 1998, is an international software company working on AI, Predictive Analytics, and robotics-led Infrastructure Management services. They focus on AI led Technology Operations, their AIOps platform Zero Incident Framework TM (ZIF) works towards creating a computer infrastructure that trends towards zero downtime.
GAVS is an IP led Services company, that utilizes the AI based Technical Operations to support managed services and Digital Transformation for some major healthcare payers and providers, aircraft manufacturing companies, software product companies, manufacturing companies, and financial services companies in the US, the Middle East and, in India. GAVS is committed to improving user experience by 10X and reducing resource utilization by 40%.
GAVS’ Zero Incident Framework TM 
GAVS’ products help change how companies organize their IT Operations, bring meaningful and actionable insights to speed up network fixes, provide real data as quantifiable justification to adopt strategies that foster business improvements. Zero is the ’New Normal’ at GAVS Technologies. The company’s focus is to enable IT to deliver high performing systems that support digital transformation within the enterprise. By focusing on eradication and proactive remediation of the incidents, Zero Incident Framework TM (ZIF) enables organizations to trend towards a Zero Incident EnterpriseTM. GAVS’ ZIF consists of few components that, support monitoring, automation, and AI led predictive analytics using Reinforcement Machine Learning to create an AI led Predictive Engine for Infrastructure Management. GAVS’ ZIF platform has over 200+ BOTS that help with the automated remediation and resolution of some of these infrastructure systems.
A Transformational Leader 
Sumit Ganguli is the CEO of GAVS, and he is an avowed believer in the concept of Servant Leadership. GAVS is therefore managed as a company, with a strong focus on being flat and egalitarian, with an emphasis on minimal hierarchy. He believes that his role as a leader is to provide the vision, environment, the platform and then engender a sense of belief in the leaders, that there is more to the job than just to meet their daily needs. He also believes that it is these elements of corporate culture along with a sense of belief that promotes innovation and disruptive technologies. It is Sumit’s thesis that work and jobs can actually be the platform that can define the organization as a team and people and employees leverage this platform to leave a legacy. He states, “When you work you are a flute through whose heart the whispering of the hours turns to music. Which of you would be a reed, dumb and silent, when all else sings together in unison?” 
Challenges to Digital Transformation and Strategies 
While the digital experience is vital to a company’s success, it also comes with many obstacles. GAVS is quite aware of the challenges faced in developing and providing innovative technology solutions. But the digital transformer is blessed with some like minded investors who are deep-rooted and are convinced in the firm that, they have a platform that can provide some transformational solutions. The industry embarked on the development of the innovative product, ZIF, based on some of the work that it had done in the infrastructure support and managed services. The organization has also adopted a very humble approach of trying to promote its product with the clients and prove its worth through outcome, instead of investing heavily in marketing and sales. It has also adopted an approach to be an IP led Services organization, so it is adopting a path, where it is not just a product company or a services company that is focused on professional services. It is trying to chart a path that is unique, but the company believes that its leading-edge technology and the wrapped around service will be an engaging proposition for some of the key clients in the US, Middle East and in India.
Cementing Place in Upcoming Future 
GAVS is presently working with some of the larger Health Care providers and payers and also with large manufacturing companies and Financial services companies in the US, Middle East, and India. It would like to evolve as a key player leveraging AI led Technology Operations and other leading products for some key Healthcare clients and other specific domains. Its plan is to develop Shared Service offerings for Solutions for Hospital Enablement. It would also like to evolve as one of the Best Employers in its category and be a crucible to promote new disruptive technologies for its clients. It is trying to build a resource pool that are members of the SWAT team, Smart, Hard-working, Articulate and Technologically curious, and are excited about taking Zero Incident FrameworkTM and other innovative Technologies, from GAVS to the world. The company is likely to celebrate non-conformity and out of the box thinking; key ingredients to promote innovation. The motive of the company is an expression of its aspirations and a commitment to be a Company with a Purpose, committed to delight the organization’s clients through innovative and enabling technologies. It is convinced that commitment to these values and cultures will sustain the industry and will be the very bulwark of a company that is thriving and purposeful.