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Gambling is hot in the cold climes of Canada!

The Covid-19 pandemic just proved to the world the worth of one’s life. It’s a gamble through and through even for the well-heeled and energetic. With life being a gamble, it only correct that gambling be part of one’s adult-life entertainment in all its expanse. Like with life, you lose some and for the lucky, you earn plenty.

Canadians a substantial number of who constitute CasinoChan Canada’s clientele have always been a lively lot who live life to the hilt. And gamble further down the edge. Being one of the fastest-growing fields of entertainment, it’s worth today is close to C$ 30 billion annually- a true industry of international proportions. Those who take Canada to be a sheet of Ice throughout the year ought to know that this thriving industry has various reasons to thank for its existence and quick growth. Among growth factors are the following:

  • Canadian Laws, both federal and provincial that favour both online and offline gambling projects
  • Canadian tax system that structures the industry and representative bodies including the Canadian Gaming Association to remain neutral and ever-positive and entertaining to its patrons and clients
  • People’s sheer love for gambling seen by the numbers who visit CasinoChan Canada’s website very regularly
  • Matters economic and legal

Looked purely form the economic, commercial and human stance, the Canadian gambling industry is truly ambitious in more than one sense. Its worth being close to C$ 30 billion annually, it has a benevolent and favourable effect on a lot of aspects in human life. According to a trade research, the gambling industry provides full-time gainful employment in excess of 1,30,000. That’s not taking into account the likely allied industries including food, beverages, transport and security. A healthy 30% returns over its earning sees a revenue of C$ 9 billion go towards funding social programs that have the approval and authorisation of the government. The way taxes are structured for the gambling industry (online and offline), it shall generate ever-increasing incomes for the Canadian government given the penchant of the Canadian public to gamble with gusto- a win-win for all!

  • The COVID-19 effect!

Canadians LOVE to gamble and in their daily life, it isn’t out of place to find folks taking to the road and hitting the nearest gambling venue with enthusiasm and gusto. What did put the dampener was the Covid-19 pandemic when the entire country had to endure a continued lockdown like the rest of the world. Boarded at home over weeks, the restless Canadian spirit wanted just a few things to wile away the boredom. Of these one was gambling which was readily available online courtesy CasinoChan Canada! And it’s only got better with the old-school gamblers now getting a hang of things online and taking full and undivided advantage of the same. In that the decentralized approach of the Canadian legal system came in handy with players as far apart as Vancouver to Newfound Land and Halifax registering and playing on our site with complete freedom.

  • The new God of Gambling: The Smartphone!

If Canadians live to gamble, they love to gamble on their smartphones. Technology affords them the opportunity to do so. And so too sites including CasinoChan Canada. Our platform guarantees many kinds of games and options, including the exciting lottery game with live draw sgp, enticing patrons to prefer going online on their mobiles rather than playing in casinos. And platforms like ours are safe for the players given that we use some of the best encryption systems. Here too the federal government’s clearly-defined specifications have allowed mobile gambling to grow the way it has!

  • No one’s above the law!

If Canadian laws are benevolent towards the players, they are also strict with the platforms in terms of providing the best gambling experience to their clients. For the same, online or otherwise, there’s a strict and vigilant system of licensing, monitoring and tracking by the authorities that while promoting healthy competition ensures that players’ interests are never compromised irrespective of reasons.
The future of Online Casinos in Canada? CasinoChan Canada vouches for a fact that the Canadian spirits towards gambling shall never, ever cease or ever see a dip. On the contrary, with better times, the possibility solidly exists of increased business for the gambling industry, both online gambling and offline as well.
Cheers to CasinoChan Canada. And Cheers to the undying Canadian spirits of gambling hard and gambling smart!

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