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Futurae Technologies: Curbing Cyber Risks with Passwordless Logins and Strong Authentication That Without Bothering the User

With advancements in technology propelling forward at breakneck speed, major security concerns are also on the rise. These security concerns are related to multiple technologies but data breaches always lands the top spot on that list. Smart gadgets are now considered to be the primary source of data collection and distribution. While these smart gadgets are significantly improving daily life in many different aspects, at the same time they also attribute to the higher frequency and scale of potential security breaches.
Founded in 2016 in Zurich, Futurae Technologies offers a strong suite of multi-factor authentication tools that provide bank grade security for big and small budgets. The company’s core belief is that even the strongest level of security does not need to compromise on customer experience nor user privacy. The range of authentication methods in the suite provides companies with complete flexibility and swift deployment. In addition, Futurae’s human-centric technologies also enable easy integration into a company’s existing infrastructure and reduces overall authentication overhead costs.
Future-proof technologies 
Futurae offers award-winning security solutions that reduce risks of data thefts. The organization’s core component is “Zero-Touch”, a two-factor authentication solution that works without any user interaction, entirely invisible for the user. The technology uses a machine learning algorithm to securely authenticate the user in a completely frictionless manner. It uses context information like sensor signals and ambient noise around the user, while at the same time also secures the privacy of the user throughout the entire authentication process. This solution is unique and offers the most secure access without causing any additional friction in the customer journey. Zero-Touch also enables a seamless strong authentication for use-cases like smart assistants (e.g., Alexa or Google Home) or on any device where there is (only) a microphone and speakers. In addition, Futurae is a pioneer in passwordless authentication methods enabling authenticated access, at the same time lowering helpdesk costs by eliminating password/reset struggles that many companies have.
Futurae Authentication Suite also offers other authentication solutions in addition to Zero-Touch, such as ’One-Touch’ via a push notification for transaction confirmation, single device authentication, and various offline solutions as well as solutions that do not rely on smartphone devices. It has recognized the industry needs and knows that “one size does not fit all”. All the solutions can be parameterized to user groups to meet individual needs of organizations. The Futurae Authentication Suite is offered as an SDK to be plugged into any existing mobile apps or as a secure and customizable authenticator app. Finally, the ease of integration enables all customers to easily implement strong authentication for their users.
Futurae offers a flexible pricing model catering to small startups and large enterprises, that allows all customers to enable strong user authentication. Its standard deployment is cloud-based that provides a scalable, secure and redundant infrastructure. For enterprise cases, managed on-premise deployment as well as other customization is available, according to their specific needs.
New approaches needed in IT security 
Digitalization offers companies the ability to create products with more and more touch points with endusers, and providing them with personalized services. The more digital the world gets, the more important and precious data becomes, thereby increasing the importance of protecting users from cyber-attacks. The industry is still struggling with bridging usability with the highest security requirements and not interrupting the customer journey. Until now, increased security has always been correlated with less usability which weakens the security structure. Futurae is changing that with its exceptional service and technologies, which is attracting a lot of global interest. Futurae has customers in a wide range of industries although the focus is premiliarly on the financial service and insurance industry. The company already has strong brands among its customer base which helps accelerate its rapid growth. Futurae was named Cool Vendor in Identity and Access Management in 2018 by Gartner and strengthening its presence globally.
Security for constantly changing threats Although the user experience that the Futurae Authentication Suite provides is so seamless and at times invisible, there is a team of best-in-class IT security experts is behind the scene ensuring customers are secure in the ever evolving cyber threat landscape. Due to the proximity to ETH Zurich, one of the best computer science universities in the world, the security experts are well connected and at the pulse of new developments. As an ETH Zurich spin-off, they also benefit from the university’s strong international industry network.
Testimonials from Clients 
“Futurae consists of a highly talented and committed team that delivers its promises with their innovative AI enhanced authentication portfolio.” Andreas Iten, CIO Financial Information and Corporate Function, SIX GROUP