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Fullerton Health: Pre-eminent Total Healthcare Services Provider

The healthcare industry has always been perceived as one of the laggards of the economy the world over.  This is especially when it is compared to the other industries such as manufacturing, finance and information technology, which are generally seen as more progressive. There have been constant feedback from clients on gaps in today’s healthcare system, presenting opportunities for us to raise healthcare standards. Many of the problems in the current healthcare system stems from inherent human behavior, with many of the healthcare workers, physicians and nurses alike, resistant to adopting improvements in technology and business processes. This gap results in a mismatch between consumer needs and expectations and the level of service delivered by the current healthcare system.  Through innovation, operational excellence and technology adoption, Fullerton Health has been able to consistently address this gap, harmonise advantages in technology and innovation front without losing the human element in our healthcare servies. Today, Fullerton Health continues to transform Asian Healthcare, providing affordable and accessible healthcare to the lives it serves.
From Then Till Now
Fullerton Health was founded in 2011by bringing together two of Singapore’s pioneer corporate healthcare practices, Gethin-Jones and Drs Trythall Hoy Davies with more than 50 years of experience in the industry.
Its first in-house IT infrastructure and proprietary tools was built from a 900 sq ft apartment by our chief innovation officer. The proprietary software was first of its kind in Asia to collate and present patients’ information in infographic reports which clients can understand and appreciate.
Fullerton Health has since grown to become one of the leading providers of integrated enterprise healthcare solutions in both Singapore and across the Asia Pacific and is now the largest provider of managed healthcare solutions by revenue. The company continues to grow and vertically integrate through mergers and acquisitions, it now has more than 200 fully-owned medical centres, 2,000 employees making up of 20 over nationalities, including more than 1,400 healthcare professionals and six call-centers across five countries (Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia), with a impending expansion into China, and these numbers are set to grow further.
Today, we have on board many more talents on the team, have a global partnership with Microsoft which helps us to be advanced in technology, best in class and in Asia.
Product and Service Innovation
Fullerton Health ensures its product and service offerings remain best-in-class by continuous investment in technology and superior business processes making for quicker, better and more pleasant patient and client experience.  Other innovations include a multi-platform approach that combines a smartphone app, various e-portals and electronic health cards, thus redefining the way patients access clinical information and submit claims and medical certificates.  Further, Fullerton Health and Microsoft Corporation are strategic partners and Fullerton Health is the first provider in the region to deploy advanced, machine-learning techniques to help eliminate fraud from medical transactions.
Fullerton Health was also one of the first companies in the industry to digitise x-rays, providing doctors and patients quick and easy access to results that can be read via smartphones. Patients benefit from state-of-the-art radiology and imaging equipment, including the most advanced CT scanner – the first of its kind in Singapore – and MRI machines – the first of its kind in ASEAN. We are also the leader to introduce Alzheimer screening into Asia, ex-Japan, made available in 2017.
We were the pioneers of the healthcare Smartphone Application and E-Portal, which have redefined the way in which patients are able to access healthcare providers information and submit healthcare claims and medical certificates.
Using machine-learning techniques to help eliminate fraud from medical transactions, Fullerton Health is able to actively identify, combat and eliminate fraud through a variety of robust and intelligent ways.  It is the first Third Party Administrator provider to implement multi-factor authentication for employee portal and mobile app as part of identity confirmation and anti-fraud measures.
The innovative and world-class Fullerton medical fraud elimination system has been documented by Microsoft by their US team in June 2016 and made into a marketing video to showcase the dynamic and powerful collaboration between the two parties in deploying advanced technologies and providing world class healthcare – controlling costs, increasing operational effectiveness and preventing fraud at the same time. The video has been released in August 2016.  Video on ‘Fullerton Health Uses Machine Learning to Improve Operational Effectiveness <Published on 15 September 2016>:
 Managing Pandit
Dr. Michael Tan is Co-Founder and Group Chief Executive Officer with more than 20 years of healthcare experience spanning public healthcare, corporate healthcare, health insurance to running hospitals and has served in various capacities as a medical advisor to public and private organisations.
Dr. Michael holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Graduate Diploma in Family Practice Dermatology and a Graduate Diploma in Occupational Medicine from the National University of Singapore.  He also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine.  A believer in lifelong knowledge & skills acquisition, Dr. Michael is currently attending the Owner/President Management Program at Harvard Business School.
Success Mantra
Fullerton Health adheres closely to its unwavering mission of providing accessible and affordable healthcare. For this reason and by all measures, it has done well by putting customers first.  Its business is built on trust and throughout the years, clients have entrusted Fullerton to take care of their healthcare needs so that they can focus on their core business.    The positive word of mouth from satisfied clients were instrumental in the building of the Fullerton Health brand, especially in its earliest days.
People, employees in Fullerton Health are core and are the heart to the business. Team members’ commitment level is very high. Fullerton Health believes in investing in their people and are advocates of continuous education. Having being through the same path, Dr. Michael Tan has been a beneficiary and has sent many of the company’s staff for executive programmes provided by top notch universities like Harvard.
Today, the staff in Fullerton Health, from the Board, the CEO, through the senior management, to the frontline staff are all closely guided by the company’s values.  These include valuing customers’ opinions and placing their needs first, placing emphasis on innovation, being open and honest with each other, having the spirit of continuous improvement across the firm and constantly evolving, never resting on their laurels.  It is believed that, by living these values, Fullerton Health will continue to grow its brand by word of mouth, from strength to strength.
Dr. Michael’s Advice for the Young Entrepreneurs
“To start a business, go with your eyes wide open.  It will cost you more than you think to succeed.  It will take you longer than you think to succeed.  Have tremendous amounts of perseverance and positive can-do spirit and ignore the naysayers.  The lonely journey is rewarding because the lessons learned through the journey are meaningful, personal and stays with you forever.”
Future Prospectives
Fullerton Health hopes to touch more lives in the Asia Pacific region in the coming years, and continues to provide affordable and accessible healthcare to the lives it serves. Today its impact is close to 10 million lives and it seeks to reach close to 70 million to 100 million lives in the next 5 to 10 years.  Through constant innovation and hiring the best talents to lead and to staff the company. It aims to be forerunners in implementing new technology changes, to be the first in benefiting from quantum leap in technology, and be a place of hire for the best talents around the world.