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Fueled: Fueling the Mobiles

We’ve seen this major shift towards a prioritization of product-led thinking in the way companies build apps. Especially in Fueled’s early days, the dominate approach to mobile (for big brands) was to build something from a marketing perspective, not focused on driving value for users and driving users to take an action that drives direct revenue for the business.
These products were little more than toys and gimmicks. We can see a trend away from those traditional marketing techniques. Companies are moving towards product that customers really want to use, but most agencies are poorly equipped to work on a product in a strategic business sense rather than from a promotional and marketing perspective.
Fueled is an award-winning technology product consultancy and popular mobile app company, which is appreciated globally for their experiments, innovations and efforts for fulfilling the real needs of the end users.
Fueled’s Insights
Having its offices in the New York and London, Fueled is a product development agency that is globally recognized for its work in creating world class mobile apps. Fueled has created award-winning iPhone, iPad, and Android apps used by tens of millions of users and generating hundreds of millions in revenue.
In 2013, Fueled opened the Fueled Collective, a shared working space housing 35 of New York’s most innovative startups. The Collective has since served as a driving force and catalyst for continued innovation in the local community.
Refiners of Fueled                                                               
A man who is better recognized for having an authority on mobile technology and a player in the global technology scene, Rameet Chawla is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Fueled. Often acknowledged as a thought leader, Rameet is a regular contributor for Forbes, Inc., UX Magazine, VentureBeat, and more. A frequent conference speaker, in 2014 alone Rameet has led talks at Google, the London Business School, the Island Innovators, Tech Open Air Berlin, Techweek, Northside Innovation and more.
Ryan Matzner is the Co-Founder of Fueled, and over the past four years has led Fueled’s growth from a living room to a 100-person global team at the forefront of mobile design & development.
Before joining Fueled, Ryan pioneered new social media and viral marketing tactics at Hummus Bros, a London-based restaurant chain. He met Rameet Chawla in NYC when the two decided to collaborate on an app that celebrated their passion for good food by allowing users to easily keep track of their favorite restaurants.
That passion for building intuitive, useful products has lead to the creation of apps that have driven over $1 billion in revenue for clients and numerous apps featured in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
He was recently listed number 4 on TNW’s list of “50 People in NYC Tech You Need to Know” and has been invited to speak at events such as Behance’s 99U Conference, NYC Social Media Week, Louisana International Film Festival, and Berlin’s Tech Open Air.
Delightful Services and Solutions
The diverse skill set of the team Fueled allows them to expertly tailor their services to match the customer’s needs across strategy, design, and development for mobile and web projects. From full-project engagements to à la carte services, they help their clients launch the best projects possible. With best of the renowned strategy & planning, the team of Fueled works alongside their world class branding and digital design experts. They craft polished, intuitive designs that top-notch developers bring to life with nimble and immaculate code.
Benefits for Customers
Fueled launched over 1 million iPhone & iPad apps out there. Team Fueled is passionate about standing out of the crowd. They build the kind of apps that people move to their home screen. They know what users want and know how to build apps that matter to them.
Fueled has built businesses for mobile apps that makes money. It’s no coincidence the apps they’ve built have generated over $500 million in revenue for their clients. And that doesn’t even include the over $100 million in VC funding they’ve received. Fueled apps featured in the Google Play and Apple App store over a dozen times. Their projects have topped paid and free charts in multiple countries and languages. Their apps have been covered by every tech publication under the sun.
Learning for Success
“One of our key learnings is that what clients initially want, and what we ultimately deliver, are rarely the same thing. The biggest lesson learned is that we should focus on the client’s goal and ask ourselves, what are they trying to achieve? What do they want their users to achieve? Then we work backwards from there to create the perfect product”, Ryan asserted.
Future Focus
Team Fueled knows the saturation level in mobile app is so high that only the most interesting products can break through. Fueled is concentrating mainly on innovative and unique products that stand them out from the crowd.
The team Fueled is inspired by the idea of helping others build apps that are both visually stunning and highly functional. The main goal of Fueled is ‘To empower both startups and enterprise corporations by building beautiful apps that users actually love’.

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