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Formplus: A Unique Platform Creating Forms to Collect and Manage Data

Founded in 2015, Formplus is a cloud-based, enterprise-focused form building solution which helps SMEs, Educators, Nonprofits, etc. efficiently collect, manage, and store data using multiple endpoints, including their cloud storage service.
Global businesses are always in the search of the ways to streamline their processes and be more productive. Formplus helps to solve their concerns, by providing Comms, one affordable tool that can be used across various departments in the organization. This one tool is so simple, yet so versatile – Comms uses forms to plan events. By utilizing Comms, HR and Admin can simplify onboarding; Marketing can capture better leads while the Finance team can handle complex processes like tax filing and reimbursements.
Users are expected to simply sign up or sign in to create online forms and Formplus enables them to collect data from anywhere in the world. These forms can be used to register event attendees, receive resumes for a job application, collect customer feedback, gather marketing leads, and manage contract approvals.
Remarkable Achievements Formplus has participated in a very insightful event named Startup Battlefield Africa last year, where it launched its SMS forms feature and it was well received by both current and new users at the time. Formplus releases new features every month and are constantly iterating to ensure that Formplus is meeting its users’ needs.
In addition to this, the second cohort for the Google Launchpad Accelerator Africa is currently on the floor, and Formplus is one among the 11 participating startups. It’s a learning process and the Formplus’s team hopes that the resources earned from this would help to boost its infrastructure.
Priority to Clients
Formplus strives to provide its clients best services in minimal cost. It constantly ask for feedback whenever it makes feature additions and improvements, at the same time, its customers are also very receptive in sharing their queries regarding data collection and online forms in general, The firm looks for ways to adapt customer needs and strives to create the tool which is capable of solving their problem in real time.
Formplus has clients serving in all type of sectors including Education, Real Estate, Ecommerce, Accounting, Construction, Security and many more. Its clients always appreciates the solutions provided by the company and share their views about how using Formplus helped to cut out a number of redundant processes and made them more productive. Over the years, Formplus has helped hundreds of companies working in respective sectors to improve processes including manual data entry, job applications, online fundraising, event planning, team reports, online petitions, etc.
An Enthusiastic Leader 
Busayo Longe, CEO of Formplus, has a proven record of building exceptional SaaS products and online marketing. He is a strong product management professional with a master’s degree specializing in Engineering, Technology and Business Management from the University of Leeds. Busayo has a strong can-do spirit which reflects in the work that Formplus’s team put in. Rather than thinking of what can’t be done, he pushes each of Formplus to stretch the boundaries of what can be done.
Busayo’s favorite quote is “We can always can” and Formplus is the epitome of that. When customers ask for features that Formplus doesn’t currently have, until the team implements that feature, Busayo always find a workaround for clients to use in the meantime and he holds his client’s hands at every step of the way.
Ahead of the Competition
According to Formplus, Competition is the very key and an organization needs to be the best at what it does. Formplus learns from its competition but most importantly it focuses on its users and delivers them a product they expect.
The reason for which users love the Formplus is the simplicity it provides: anybody can sign up and start using the tool immediately without having any prior knowledge or training. While describing the efficiency Busayo states, “That remains core to us, even when adding features, we don’t lose sight of that simplicity is what appeals to our users.”
Progressive Insights 
Formplus always tries and makes things easier for businesses in terms of data collection, analysis and management. But still it believes that there is still so much to be done at the global level, and it needs to push harder and faster.
Most of the team of Formplus works from Nigerian office and the organization also aims to let everyone know that this amazing global software can come out of Nigeria. The company envisions expanding its business, and desires to dominate the global market with its unique solutions.
Notable Appreciation from Clients 
“Formplus has made our testing and scoring process smoother. Their customer service team has been very prompt in resolving any issues that we have faced.” – Pritesh, Avanti Learning Centres
“Our experience with Formplus has been transparent and inextricably important to the work that we achieve. Our users find it secure and easy to use, and we find it very easy to put together! The customer service is prompt and very thorough.” – Earlene, Kitchen Connection
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