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FORCS: The Leading Enterprise e-Form and Reporting Solutions Provider

Nowadays businesses are shifting towards the direction of providing the best customer experience by enhancing existing service delivery channels. In recent times, major players have built an omni-channel experience for their customers to transact effectively in the banking and insurance industries. FORCS is among those players.
FORCS is one of the leading Enterprise e-Form and Reporting solutions provider in the market and aims to infuse the culture of a paperless working environment to all the businesses. It is also focusing on developing innovative enterprise paperless solutions to help enterprises achieve an increased business revenue and productivity.
Headquartered at Korea and founded in the year 1995, FORCS has operated so far across Asia Pacific regions with its regional offices in Singapore and Japan and has served over 4,000 customers worldwide in order to transform their business digitally. Currently it is working with more than 50 business partners around the globe in pushing paperless transformation to all industries.
A Remarkable Entrepreneur 
As the Co- founder of FORCS, Park Mi Kyung is responsible for managing and developing the FORCS enterprise solutions. In 2017, she was elected as the chairman of Korea Digital Content Association and dedicated herself to improve the business environment of e-Form and digital content industry. She is also the Senior Vice President of Korea Venture Business Women’s Association which aims to foster a better business environment for female entrepreneurs. As a result, Park was awarded as the ‘SMB Entrepreneur of the Year’ at a Presidential commendation in 2016.
Additionally, Park Mi Kyung emphasizes on work-life balance and strives to make FORCS a women-friendly or family-friendly company. Due to her constant efforts and contributions to the industry, FORCS has been certified as a family-friendly company by the Korean government and also been listed on KOSDAQ for trading.
A Unique Methodology 
During the early stages, there was a paradigm shift towards paperless workflow where most of the businesses faced challenges in creating enterprise mobility suite and electronic document enabled innovative business model. To overcome this inefficiency and survive in the competitive business world, an increasing number of businesses started adopting smart technologies to enhance their business processes.
To cope up with this, FORCS came up with an idea of replacing paper form with e-Form by using its core product OZ e-Form which allows anyone to convert paper form into electronic form within minutes without the knowledge of programming. Further, it is easily integrable into any existing business activities internally and externally.
In addition to this, FORCS has created a whole new paperless working culture in the country and encourages businesses to convert paper document into electronic version in the easiest way possible. It is also enhancing the business processes of its customers through implementing its whole new paperless solutions and changing how services are being delivered. In a way, these solutions are unique as they were developed with a purpose to revolutionize the working culture and comprise a range of dynamic features such as e-Signature, camera, voice recorder, barcode scanner and more. This is used to complement the business systems such as SAP and ERP to ensure a seamless working experience. Furthermore, this has topped the benchmark test (BMT) and has been recognized as the fastest solution that can be used for achieving screen execution, touch signature input response, and file conversions speed.
Currently 60% of the Korean paperless market is using FORCS paperless solutions. FORCS has won numerous awards from the Korean government and has been recognized as the market leader in providing paperless system in the country.
Future Advancements 
The vision of FORCS is to become a global software company with client’s success. To accomplish this goal, it is steadily investing in R&D and emphasizes on ‘smart paperless solution for digital transformation’. It also aims to broaden and develop its businesses overseas. On top of that, FORCS has been cultivating a company culture by fostering relationships and developing gender equality policies so that it can be recognized as one of the best companies to work for. These policies ensure that all employees get a fair and equal opportunity in career advancement, since Park Mi Kyung believes in the statement, “happy employees make happy customers”.
The Satisfied Clientele
“The greatest feature of OZ e-Form is its powerful responsive digital form. Financial consultants can modify insurance application terms immediately, and the modified agreements are sent to our database instantly. Our organization’s efficiency and productivity increased significantly after the implementation of OZ e-Form. It’s truly impressive!”- Project Manager of Smart Planner from Hanwha Life Insurance.
“OZ e-Form’s automatic digital form generation and scheduling functions minimize daily administrative work. All our Field Engineers carry out field inspections conveniently with a mobile device. Complicated inspections are simplified with digital form as there is greater input accuracy as compared to paper forms.”- Associate Director of Information Management of the Korea Elevator Safety Agency
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