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Park Mi Kyung | Co-founder | FORCS

FORCS: Offering Paperless Solutions for the eSignature Industry

Organizations worldwide are shifting away from paper and moving into digital transactions. eSignature is helping organizations improve and speed up their business activities. Today, eSignature solution providers offer more benefits than just electronic signing itself. Research by P&S intelligence shows that the eSignature market will grow by 39% by 2020.
FORCS provides enterprise-grade paperless solutions to help organizations transform digitally. Over 4000 happy customers worldwide have increased revenue and productivity after going digital with FORCS.
FORCS eSignature is one of the popular features among its customers; data such as date, location, pen pressure, and the number of strokes are captured to ensure the credibility and legality of an eDocument.
The wide range of solutions of FORCS includes enterprise e-Form, electronic document and enterprise reporting. FORCS advocates a green working environment and aim to infuse the culture of a paperless working environment to organizations worldwide. The company’s operation spans across Asia and Europe with offices in Korea (HQ), Singapore, Japan, and Belgium to reach out to customers more effectively.
The Dynamic Leader
Park Mi Kyung is the Co-founder of FORCS. She developed FORCS enterprise software. Her responsibilities include the management and development of FORCS enterprise solutions. She is very much involved in the evolution of the IT industry in Korea. In 2017, she was elected as the chairman of the Korea Digital Content Association and devoted her time to researching and proposing new policies to the Government.
She is also the President of the Korea Venture Business Women’s Association; supporting women’s start-ups. Mi Kyung is also the director of the Hi-Seoul Brand Company Association, recognizing high-quality and competitive SMEs. Throughout the years, she has been contributing her time and experience in advancing the IT industry and the growth of women entrepreneurs.
The Outstanding Features for Clientele Benefit
FORCS’ core software OZ e-Form allows anyone without the coding skills to build powerful e-Form in minutes. The architecture of OZ e-Form is scalable and extensible for global operations, making it easy for organizations to integrate with existing systems and databases.
Organizations worldwide are working towards the direction of providing the best customer experience by enhancing service delivery channels. Take the Banking and Insurance industries, for example, major players are enhancing the omnichannel experience for their customers to transact effectively and efficiency. And this is where its paperless technology brings the customer journey to the next level.
Banking processes involving opening a new banking account, on-boarding a new customer, or even making changes to existing accounts can be enhanced by replacing paper forms with e-Forms. With this digital transformation, both customers and employees benefit from the time and costs saved from the streamlined processes.
Harnessing Disruption
60% of the Korean paperless market is currently using FORCS paperless technology. FORCS has created a whole new paperless working culture in Korea. The enterprise solutions can be implemented across industries, enhancing business processes, and changing how services are delivered to the customers. FORCS R&D team is continuously researching and developing new technologies to adapt to changing consumer behavior.
An upgraded version of OZ e-Form was launched last year, providing more features for organizations to collect customer information seamlessly and securely. In addition, the company has advanced to developing artificial intelligence to enhance the e-Form to work and react like humans. The strategy in sustaining competency in the IT market is to be proactive in finding out customer needs than staying reactive.
Eliminating the Obstacles
Growing competitions from indirect competitors are fighting for market share in the paperless market. However, the unique selling point of OZ e-Form helps the company to overcome this as competitors lack the technology it offers. Another challenge is that customers want a comprehensive system, while FORCS only provides just one part of the system. This is where its partners come in to build an integrated system for  its customers with their e-Form solution incorporated. Over the years, FORCS has built a strong relationship with its partners to ensure they stay updated on its technology.
We always believe in working with other solutions vendors in delivering the best solution to our customers,” asserts Park.
Awards and Accolades
For the diligent effort of FORCS employees, FORCS has been awarded the “Excellent R&D (Quality Control)” by the MSIT (Ministry of Science, ICT). Also, they have received a presidential citation for being the “Best Model SMEs” and the “Best SMEs with work-life balance” in Korea.
Future Road map
FORCS aims to be a leading global software company in providing paperless technology. To achieve this goal, FORCS steadily invest in R&D and emphasizes on “Transform Digitally by Going Paperless”. We aim to expand to the US market in the next five years.
FORCS is also well-known for being one of the best companies to work for in Korea. Our policies ensure that all employees get a fair and equal opportunity in career advancement. We emphasize gender equality and work on fostering employee relationships. Mi Kyung believes in a work-life balance working environment with employees benefit programs in place to ensure a healthy working environment. After all, “Happy Employees Make Happy Customers”!