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Susan Caldwell | CEO & Franchisor | Flour Power Kids Cooking Studio

Flour Power Kids Cooking Studio: Nurturing Little Chefs into Professionals of Tomorrow

When it comes to contributing to society, there isn’t a nobler work than constructively helping shape young minds. Children have a high capacity to learn and gauge new things. It is only appropriate to provide them with tools and resources to utilize this immense energy.
If you’re thinking about venturing into a business, it would be a great idea to franchise a company that successfully facilitates kids’ learning. Moreover, it is gratifying if you have an interest and love for teaching young minds.
Flour Power Kids Cooking Studios is actively working towards providing fun extracurricular activities for children. Susan Caldwell, the Founder and CEO of Flour Power, has been effectively running and expanding the business since 2008.
In the following interview, Susan tells us why franchising flour power is one of the greatest opportunities available to venture into the world of business.
What makes your company a preferred franchise choice over your competitors?
We offer unparalleled support and assistance throughout our studio owners’ franchise agreement. From site selection, lease negotiations, training, and ongoing support, we provide the recipe for success for franchise owners. We also create new programming and consistently roll out additional revenue opportunities to our franchisees.
Tell us more about your franchising opportunities, eligibility criteria, and benefits that a potential franchisee may receive.
We are seeking well-qualified franchise candidates throughout the Southeast and Midwest.  Love for children is a must, and childcare experience is preferred, but what’s most important is the love for hard work and children and an entrepreneurial spirit!
We also offer veteran discounts and all the tools needed for a franchise owner to be successful by breaking down the process from signing a franchise agreement to the studio opening through our ‘Stages and Phases’ program.
Susan, please brief us about yourself and how you have contributed towards the company’s continuous success.
I founded the company in 2008 and remain committed and involved daily in all operations at Flour Power. There is no one who has more passion for Flour Power than I do. While we plan to bring on a Director of Operations in 2022, I will continue to be involved daily in Flour Power Kids Cooking Studio’s operations.
How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact your daily operations and what were the challenges that you faced?
We pivoted and created ‘Flour Power Academy’ to deliver our in-person content through virtual platforms during the pandemic. We created online cooking classes and parties. We also assisted our franchise owners to work out with their landlords for rent relief and funding options such as grants and PPP options.
We also did not collect royalties on sales if studios had to temporarily close because of the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, we created new protocols in our studios to keep everyone safe and healthy.
When it comes to adapting to evolving customer needs and trends, do you think it is necessary to align one’s business with the latest technological developments? If yes, how does your company cater to this necessity?
Absolutely! Flour Power owns its own proprietary IT system that was custom built for our franchise owners. In addition to our IT system, we are always brining new programming to the line-up of service offerings.
During the pandemic, we continued to hear customers ask for more skills-based programming for teenagers. Therefore, we are currently working on a new program just for teen chefs that will be designed by an Executive Chef, which will be 100% skill based.
As an established franchise leader, what would be your advice to the budding entrepreneurs planning to own a franchise business?
Never give up! Seek advice from those who have developed programs and systems that have been successful. Surround yourself with positive people and supporters! There will be bad days, but your belief in yourself and your company will get you through the tough moments.
How do you envision on scaling your company’s operations in 2021?
We have signed several new franchise agreements for new studios in 2021 already and are expected to capture the market of those who are looking for career change, post Covid-19.  We have had the honor to add new owners to our system who may not have otherwise been looking for a career change, due to the pandemic. Despite the bad that Covid-19 caused, it has also brought good things to Flour Power!
Exhibiting Excellence
“I love seeing the results of all my hard work and knowing those results will positively impact my daughter’s future.” – Shannon Miller (Nashville, TN owner)
“Ginger and her team were awesome. The recipes and training that my daughter Nile learned during the time, have my daughter currently thinking about becoming a chef. I can’t say enough about how amazing the team at Quail Corners is and what they did for my family. My daughter is cooking and making delicious meals that accompany her finicky tastes. Thank you again for an amazing organization and an amazing team in Quail Corners.” – Brian Anderson (Charlotte, NC Customer)