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Flora Coatings: Smart and Sustainable Coatings Rest is fine

All the man-made surfaces have one thing in common and that is coating. A thin layer of coating over the substrate material is expected to keep the surface and material underneath protected and free from the aggressive environment that it is exposed to. While they offer longevity to substrates, the same cannot be said about their interaction with the environment.
Several coatings available in the market use solvents that emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which pollute the air around us. With common people and regulatory authorities are seeking environment friendly products in all walks of life, the coatings industry has also made a transition towards development of Eco-friendly coatings.
Flora Coatings LLC is one such innovation-driven company that develops and manufactures high performance smart sustainable coatings. With a highly-trained team of coating experts, the company manufactures and delivers safer alternatives to the toxic coatings and paints that are in use.
Carving its Niche
Flora Coatings LLC is a start-up company operating in the heart of Phoenix. Company is focused on the development and manufacturing of novel high performance smart sustainable coatings. It aims to develop products that are single component and ready to use that shall eliminate or minimize the unwanted waste generation during manufacturing and use of the products.
Since inception, the company has been working towards its vision to become the world’s most advanced coatings company with products that are environment and human friendly. Sustainability has been the key and an inspiration for all its work.
Flora Coating has a strong technical advisory board consisting of highly influential personalities with deep knowledge and understanding of corrosion, coatings, material science, bioscience and mechanics of materials. Similarly, company has business advisory board with apex level business personalities from leading organizations who advice our company regularly on basic business approach. Collectively, the team at Flora Coatings has over 20 years of research and development and advanced materials manufacturing experience.
An Inquisitive Personality
Dr. Atul Tiwari, the Chief Executive Officer at Flora Coatings, is conferred Fellow at The Royal Society of Chemistry. Previously, Dr. Tiwari has served as a research faculty member in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Hawaii, USA and at the Arizona State University. He has achieved double subject majors, in Organic Chemistry as well as Mechanical Engineering. He has also received Ph.D. in Polymer Materials Science along with the earned Chartered Chemist and Chartered Scientist status from the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK.
Dr. Tiwari is an active member of several professional bodies in the UK, USA, and India. His area of research interest includes the development of smart sustainable materials including high performance silicones, coatings, graphene and bio-inspired biomaterials for various industrial applications. Dr. Tiwari zeal to develop new materials and has created over ten international patented technologies. He is also a winner of two business plan competitions in the USA and have created small businesses in the past.
Additionaaly, he has published over 75 research articles in peer reviewed journals, trade magazines, conferences and have also published 19 books on topics related to science and engineering. He has also published 5 books on advanced coating technologies that have gained high reputation.
Catering Global Needs
Flora Coatings has developed a single component, ready to use, environment and user-friendly, high-performance Universal Coating Technology. The liquid smart sustainable coatings can be applied to a wide variety of substrates. Through rigorous research and development protocols in coating technology, Flora is constantly developing highly suitable alternates to harmful chromium products that usually initiate the corrosion of the expensive items. With its unique approach, Flora is proud to be one of the best and efficient coating providers for different purposes including households, architecture, marine, medicinal equipment, and automotive.
Flora Coatings’ business encompasses a majority of the challenging fields where special coatings are required across the world. It provides coating solutions that are sustainable as well as long-lasting. Its balanced approach to serving each project with quality and precision helps it extract the desired coating result in every case. It has upstream and downstream businesses with global partners that further make it a more renowned and acknowledged coating solution provider in the world.
Flora’s global reach gives it access to new tools and technologies that it leverages to develop new and improved coating technologies. It operates businesses across different platforms and its services encompass various operations. The main areas in which it provides coating products are Architectural coatings, Marine coatings, Automotive coatings, Aerospace coatings, Healthcare coatings, and Specialty coatings
It has both scale and resources to deliver error-free coatings. Its continuous research and development process ensures that it provides optimal coating products to asset owners, contractors, applicators, and fabricators across the world.
Plethora of Products
At present, company manufactures four patented products for various application areas including anti-corrosion, heat resistant, icephobic, healthcare, heat exchangers, electronics and home appliances.
Flora’s products cater to diverse industries’ demands and attend to different requirements. They are categorized as:
Corrosion Barrier Coatings – with the surge in the use of aluminum, the corrosion prevention of aluminum alloys became a challenge. Historically, aluminum alloys have been protected with chromate conversion surface treatments or coatings. But the use of hexavalent chromate ions has now been regulated. FLORYL™ coatings, by Flora, are an environment-friendly solution to protect aluminum alloys from corrosion.
Antimicrobial Coatings – The exponential growth of the human population has pushed scientists to develop a permanent solution forever occurring microbial activities.
Scientists at Flora have developed a novel formula that can be coated on almost any surface. The INVESIL™ coating forms a strong bond with the substrate and provides anti-scratch and antimicrobial* properties
Biomedical Implant Coatings – There is a surge in the need for metallic biomedical implants. The service life span of such implants is highly unpredictable as service condition varies from one person to another. The abrupt failure of such implants could be extremely painful and expensive. Flora has developed INVESIL™ coating that can provide corrosion protection to metallic implants and is compatible with biological fluids.
Anti-fingerprint Coatings – Flora has developed a user-friendly transparent AVIRAL™ coating that can be applied on practically any surface just by wiping it with a wet cloth. The dried coated surface won’t stick any fingerprints. The surface will shine like glass and won’t scratch easily.
Anti-fouling Coatings – Shipping and marine industry is desperately looking for an environment-friendly option to prevent extensive biofouling activities. The use of tin compounds has been regulated and there is no viable alternative. FLORYL™ Coatings is the perfect solution to protect biofouling activity.
High-Temperature Resistant Coatings – High-temperature ceramic coating can be applied to engine components and exhaust systems to prevent damages at elevated temperatures. Flora’s ceramic coatings can withstand over 2000 degrees centigrade temperature and have impressive abrasion resistance.
Apart from these innovative Solvent-Borne Smart Sustainable Coating Products, Flora Coatings also manufactures best-in-class sanitizers. Scientists at Flora Coatings have been working on a new coating technology that could potentially revolutionize the industry. With unprecedented results in the lab, it wouldn’t be long enough before the company introduces it to the market.