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Tom Wood, President and CEO, Floor Coverings International

Floor Coverings International: One of the Few Companies Blazing New Paths in 2020

Staying indoors is the new normal, the home becoming all things to all people. “Our homes now serve as office spaces, classrooms, dining hubs and recreational centers,” says Tom Wood, President and CEO of Floor Coverings International, North America’s No. 1 Mobile Flooring Franchise.
“We are finding our customers are working hard and playing hard in both their indoor and outdoor spaces during the pandemic. Spending more time at home seems to be sparking a need to upgrade and redo much of it. New flooring doesn’t just add to the beauty of the house but can also make it more functional and improve quality of life,” adds Tom.
Installing the right floors can dramatically reduce the time needed for cleaning floors such as anti-static carpets that release pet hair quickly, stain-proof floors, and even flooring that has anti-microbial surfaces to improve indoor air quality. The latest flooring options are made up of so much more than just aesthetics; they can also add comfort, provide sound absorption, improve safety with slip resistance, and easy cleaning methods.
Customer First
Floor Coverings International has challenged the brick and mortar concept and changed the game of the flooring industry. That change could not have come at a better time. While it seemed that their model provided major convenience for the customer who does not want to get lost browsing in a big box store waiting for service, having to book an appointment after they get service with a possible design specialist, now the stay-at-home times have almost made their business model a necessity. Bringing your floor to your door is the new mantra. And customers are loving their experiences.
By relying on customer purchasing preferences and articulated choices, the corporate model, development potential, promotion, and publicity and merchandising, Floor Coverings International has transformed into a company that operates with superior efficacy. Its products include carpets, hardwood, laminates, stylish vinyl, ceramic tiles, floor rugs etc. 
Driving Change for Better
The first mobile, shop-at-home, floor covering franchise, Floor Coverings International, was founded in 1988. It is the oldest and largest mobile floor covering franchise with franchises throughout the United States and Canada.
In 2003, FirstService Brands purchased Floor Coverings International, set up new leadership, and transformed the organization into a world-class floor product retailer whose franchises, while mobile, also operate from commercial locations and have a scalable business model. Tom Wood took over the reins of Floor Coverings International as the President and CEO in 2004.
By focusing on residences, personalized flooring, preference, design, and installation, in-house customer consulting, this business has made a significant difference from the other floor covering firms.
The Milestones Achieved
In the United States and Canada, Floor Coverings International has presence in over 142 locations and several prospects for ongoing growth. New units have developed during the last two years in Chicago, Atlanta, San Antonio, Austin, and several other North American strategic markets. Floor Coverings International’s focus is on attracting successful owners who will take the initiative in marketing and implementing systems to grow a multimillion-dollar business.
A Floor Coverings International franchise is suitable for both major metropolitan areas as well as secondary markets. Apart from ranking #1 in the Entrepreneur 500 list, Floor Coverings International has been listed in the Bond Top 100 franchise ranking. Franchise Update Media recently presented the company with the Franchise Innovation Award for the Most Creative Customer Self-service Tool that has resulted in a 25% rise in the lead closing rate with customers. 
Mitigating Challenges during the Pandemic
Floor Coverings International has undergone slow and steady franchise development per year of 12-14% for 16 years. On March 1, 2020, the company’s sales were up by 26% compared to March 2019. This came just before the pandemic hit and was followed by subsequent lockdowns. Very proactively, the Floor Coverings International leadership team studied similar models in China and Europe and took a step back to design a program that helped franchisees to slash costs during the coming tough times.
As a forward thinking and proactive franchisor whose first goal in a challenging time such as this is to help and protect their franchisees, the organization built a revolutionary CRM platform that helped the franchisees handle their client interactions, developments, and promotions in just eight weeks. And the Discovery Days event, where prospective franchisers from around the world visit Floor Coverings International’s corporate head office to learn about the franchise market opportunity, was shifted to virtual sessions.
Surpassing all the hurdles, the organization announced two months of strongest franchise growth in the last ten years! The team mastered how to interact succinctly and consistently by recognizing the best use of time and resources. Floor Coverings International has covered franchisees and their livelihoods and has set up a reinforcing framework as they look ahead to the next six months.
In the coming years Floor Coverings International will continue to grow and perfect what is now a necessary model, one that seems to be preferred by customers eager to replace or buy flooring. People have been home and are eager to re-decorate, and Floor Coverings International has perfected the method of delivering the beauty, and the advice with their Design Associates, right to the customer’s door. Everyone fully adheres to the safety measures and practices the proper hygiene steps such as regular hand-washing, social distancing, disinfecting materials, and wearing personal protective equipment.
“We foresee the next six months of the pandemic recovery as very busy and very progressive for our franchisees. We want people in our system who are sworn to put the customer first and that’s who we award our franchises to,” concludes Tom. 
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