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FlexManage: Enabling Business Transformation with Flexible Technology Solutions

Today, Microsoft solutions have virtually become a backbone for almost every organization, wherein some of the most vital business applications function and run efficiently on a stable Microsoft platform. But choosing an able and cost-effective Microsoft solution provider from a myriad of options becomes a rather daunting task. But FlexManage separates itself from the crowd and stands-out with its deep roots in business consulting for advanced Microsoft technologies. There is an overall movement to become more customer-centric.  Microsoft is doing the same.  Companies are shifting from being product companies to true solution providers.  Just knowing the Microsoft solution set is not sufficient enough in most cases.  Clients expect providers to have a deep knowledge of their business and industry and show up with relevant intellectual property that can help them drive their business forward.
Headquartered in Chicago, IL, FlexManage has been an IT solutions provider for over 20 years.  The company has deep roots in business consulting and still today leads with business strategy before IT implementation.   Any new customer engagement begins with a Business Impact Assessment (BIA) which helps to align business goals with IT initiatives. This assessment provides the necessary information and context to understand current situation as well as future vision so they can align IT strategy accordingly.
The Driving Force behind FlexManage
Lee Hovermale, CEO of FlexManage has been in the IT field for his entire career with roles spanning sales, engineering and leadership.  Lee not only serves as the leader but he still actively consults with clients and occasionally serves as a virtual CIO when needed for major law firm clients. His long list of achievement includes the implementation and adaptation of IT and Management systems for global players. This comprises successful planning, implementing and delivering the client/server networks in different fields of leading edge industries. Lee prides himself on delivering what he promises to its clients.
Opportunities & Challenges
The opportunity is that the massive advancements provide unprecedented opportunities to increase capabilities and grow a business better and faster than ever before in history.  Opportunities are everything.  That is also the challenge.  There are so many opportunities that the challenge becomes having a solid plan and making sounds decisions as to which opportunities to pursue and which ones to ignore.
Inspiration behind becoming a Microsoft Solution Provider
Microsoft being the leader in enterprise software, it just made sense.  And with shared philosophy of conducting business and serving customers, it still makes sense today.  It also helps that FlexManage specializes in deployment and Microsoft is driven by deployment and adoption of their software. So there is a natural synergy there.  In fact MCS is one of their largest customers for Deployment Coordination Services (DCS) group.
Out-of- the-Box Strategy of FlexManage
They are in the process of launching a new product called LegalHive and FlexDesk.  This is a desktop as a service offering that includes Microsoft 365 along with deployment, management and security services.  Additionally, for law firms, this offering comes with their new LegalHive product, which is an intelligent portal product, built on the Microsoft Stack.  The product incorporates Office 365 with other productivity and analytics features to provide all of the applications that law firms use today but also configured in a way to support the firm in improved decision making and access to information.  The portal provides native functionality such as document management, case management and business intelligence.  If 3rd party applications for these functions already existing, they can be incorporated into the portal as well.  This is truly a game changer, shifting the focus of IT from “keeping things running” to “growing the business and improving capabilities”.
The Client Base
FlexManage truly partner long term with their customers. FlexManage have setup a lifecycle management process where they can be heavily involved in the planning/strategy stage, but then also part of deployment and management as needed.  Also, due to their deep involvement in multiple industries, they not only gain insight from customer to customer but also from industry to industry.  The human capitals gained from these collected experiences allow them to grow as well as server their customers better.
Advice for the Budding Entrepreneurs
The world today changes so fast, thus being able to think on your feet and keeping strong awareness of your competitors is incredibly important. But at least equally important is your belief in your idea, belief in yourself, and belief that you can change the world for the better. Your knowledge and expertise are almost a given; but it is your passions, persistence, and perseverance that will get you further. You should also surround yourself with a great team because working solo and trying to do way too much as one person will wear you down.
Future Ahead
The world is rapidly moving towards digitization creating well-built opportunities for all organizations to transform and change their existing business model. The transformation is putting businesses in motion, allied together with the change in application of evolving digital technologies. When it comes to future planning FlexManage will be aggressively rolled-out their managed desktop offerings as well as LegalHive products.  The legal industry will be a heavy focus in the near term but that will not detract from their other core markets include Healthcare and Deployment Coordination Services (DCS).
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