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Flex Hr: Strategizing HR Outsourcing, Consultancy, and Recruitment Services

An organization’s employees are the best support to transition a company from struggling to success. But employee management is not a cakewalk. When dealing with employee intricacies, there are multiple challenges like recruiting, HR strategic support, HR payroll outsourcing, independent HR services, and more.

Flex HR brings advice, knowledge, and support to companies throughout the U.S. and the world for HR and payroll. Flex HR provides white-glove strategic HR and Payroll outsourcing services to various companies that are located anywhere in the U.S. But, it doesn’t just stop there! Flex HR takes a step ahead of the routine talent outsourcing companies and offers a one-stop human resource services solution, supporting any and all HR functions.

Flex HR creates customized support for each client, letting them choose as many or as few services as per the needs of their evolving business dynamics. The company’s comprehensive offerings include high-level strategic consulting, HR back-office administration, and essential business services such as recruiting, payroll tax, compliance solutions, employee handbooks, compensation surveys, and diversity, equity & inclusion planning. Flex HR’s CEO, Jennifer Morehead, has a background in sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, and running teams of employees. Ms. Morehead bought the 20-year-old company in 2020 and increased its sales by 46 percent in the first year and 150 percent in the second year compared to its revenue in 2020!

Flex HR makes quality consulting accessible and affordable to small and mid-size companies to increase profits by providing timely mission-essential task management, flexible professional talent, and full-time dedication at a fraction of the cost.

Through the interview highlights, let us read more about the story behind Flex HR’s success!

Kindly brief us about Flex HR. What is the leading inspiration behind its inception?

In 2001, our founder Jim Cichanski created Flex HR to be a unique strategic HR consulting practice. We have grown since then, but still offer the same high level of service for HR and payroll outsourcing, along with strategic HR consulting.

Shed some light on the key services of your company. How are they enhancing the Human Resources Services?

At Flex HR, we do HR and payroll outsourcing for companies throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Canada, Europe and U.S. subsidiaries of foreign owned companies.

We work with our employees, spread over 36 states, to manage the HR and payroll compliance rules in each of those states. We also do strategic HR consulting that includes employee investigations, compensation surveys, and manager training. Additionally, we also offer recruiting and talent acquisition services for companies.

What are the core principles of your company? How are you guiding the company to achieve its mission and vision?

Our mission is to be irreplaceable as a strategic and problem-solving HR and payroll business partner. Along with this, Flex HR strives to revolutionize human resources outsourcing to help businesses maximize their people.

The core values and principles of the company are as follows:

Flex HR values customer delight: We are driven by the goal of valuing customer delight and providing them with results-oriented service. We keep the relationships at the forefront that we develop with them and represent a can-do attitude for them.

Flex HR values our company’s success: We are here because of our past successes at the company, and even now wish to maintain its continued success. We work with multiple clients in different industries, which diversifies what we do and enhances the success of our company. We jump on priorities for the business, even if it means that it will sustainably increase revenue.

Flex HR values ethics and high moral standards: We agree to uphold the best interests of our clients, vendors, team members, and the company. In all instances, we want to be sure that what we write or what we say (and in all ways that we communicate) represents the company with high ethical and moral standards. In general, anything we write or say must show our company in the best light, especially if it is on the front page of a newspaper or part of a TV broadcast.

Flex HR values teamwork: We celebrate accomplishments together as a team and are excited about the future of our company. We take regular coffee breaks together to celebrate big wins and to hear team announcements.

Flex HR values one another’s time: We see a potentially bad situation before it happens and alert the correct people internally to ask for help. We also make a plan for when someone will leave or when an obstacle arises.

We use technology and innovative solutions to help with our jobs. We can do our jobs from an office or our home. We will alert our manager if there are any bottlenecks in our job.

In what ways is Flex HR utilizing the advances in technology to provide customers with enriched experiences?

At Flex HR we use modern technology to keep our employees connected to one another as well as to their clients. This includes tools such as Microsoft 365, Zoom, and Salesforce.

We also step into each of our clients’ HR and payroll technologies to do the work we need to do for them.

What are the challenges that your specialized team has come across? How do you motivate them while dealing with certain situations?

Flex HR works in a very complex function that deals with humans and the law. Each day, there is an opportunity for error. We work very hard to develop the processes necessary to minimize these errors and make sure that our clients are overly satisfied.

In terms of motivating our employees, we make sure to celebrate our wins often. We have a bi-weekly “coffee break” on teams that is essentially a company-wide town hall meeting where we celebrate all the wins that we see across our company.

As an experienced leader, what advice would you like to share with upcoming entrepreneurs wishing to enter into a similar sector as yours?

Human resources outsourcing is a great sector to be in for those who are curious, service-oriented, and mission driven. We help and fully support companies with their people and with the complex functions of HR and payroll.

It’s a really exciting time to be in this space.

What are the future goals of the company? How do you envision upscaling its operations and reach in the foreseeable future?

We continue to grow and have doubled in revenue in the past two years. Thus, we are able to scale faster and better because of the great people we have and the processes that we apply to the HR and payroll disciplines.

Please share your clientele, awards, and recognition, if you have any.

We have been recognized for three years as a Fortune 5000 company. Flex HR is among Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing private companies, in addition to being named one of the “Top 25 Most Promising HR Outsourcing Service Providers” in the Outsourcing Gazette Magazine