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Five Pack Creative: Where Beautiful Apps Are Born

The mobile marketplace continues to grow very rapidly, which includes a high demand for beautifully crafted apps for consumers and enterprises alike. Apps released into the marketplace continue to grow at an incredible pace. Innovation in the mobile device space is moving so rapidly that companies, as well as educators, cannot keep up, resulting in a continued shortage of the talent required to build and maintain these apps. Five Pack Creative (FPC), a premier mobile app development agency in the Dallas area, noticed the talent shortage and the desperate need for a more innovative educational avenue by which developers can continue to evolve quickly with the market demand.
Five Pack Creative (FPC) is a mobile app development agency based out of Frisco, TX and has been building native mobile apps since 2008 when Apple released the SDK and gave the development world access to the App Store. Since that time it has grown into one of the premier resources for custom mobile development projects and for sourcing mobile development talent.
Five Pack Creative works in four areas of business:
Custom App Development: This is where the FPC team helps companies (everyone from startups to Fortune 500) build their very own custom app. Services include: strategy, UX/UI design, project management, development, testing, launch, and maintenance.
Advanced Mobile Staffing Services: This is where the FPC team can partner with companies to solve staffing challenges by assisting them with contract, contract to hire and direct hire placement.
Development Education: FPC launched their first iOS Bootcamp in 2016 called ALT-U, for Alternative University, which has been a great success. These classes, taught by FPC’s top developers, draw from the company’s vast experience in order to improve students’ skills so they can become highly qualified in the mobile development field.
Hours Time Tracking: FPC also has their own App called “Hours Time Tracking”.  It has been extremely popular and a leader in the time tracking app space. It is designed to take the pain out of project-level time tracking.
FPC has had the opportunity to work on 100’s of released apps and has accumulated several high profile clients in their portfolio, such as American Airlines,, One Technologies, and the United Way to name a few. FPC is focused on native mobile development, and their favorite by far is Apple technology, including iOS, tvOS, and watchOS.
FPC projects have included mobile apps for industries like: Medical, Travel, Education, Retail, Social Media, Gaming, Music, and many more.
Creator of Five Pack Creative
Jerry Beers is a Co-founder & President of Five Pack Creative. Jerry got his start at Worldcom as a systems administrator, and his first programming job was at a company called TAASC – Tax and Accounting Software Corporation. Intuit later acquired this company.  While there, he met some great people, including Kevin Legg the other co-founder of FPC.
Jerry was one of the very first developers standing in line at Apple’s WWDC event in 2008 to get access to and learn more about Apple opening the iPhone to developers. He knew it was beneficial, as well as rewarding, to build professional relationships with his peers, so he brought Kevin on board and began assembling a team of top-shelf talent. Jerry is considered a thought leader in the mobile development space and contributes to tutorials and books from the leading iOS resource –
Solutions to Innovate
FPC partners with their clients to help them innovate in the mobile space and ultimately accelerate app development. The FPC team is extremely flexible in meeting their clients’ needs and helping them with their mobile initiatives in Custom Development, Mobile Staffing, and Development Training. Their flexibility allows the FPC team to easily plug into any development environment.
Benefits for Clients
With a massive amount of experience, the FPC team is able to minimize pitfalls throughout the design, development and delivery process and ensure a great product is delivered. The result: the client gets beautifully designed applications that exceed their users’ expectations. The FPC team can also spin up innovation or skunk work teams for companies to help prototype and develop new innovations for which their core development teams may not have the time.
With their deep experience and specialization in mobile, FPC helps small, mid-sized, and large organizations by reducing their time spent recruiting, interviewing, on-boarding and replacing mobile developers. FPC has access to great talent and experience in finding, screening, hiring, training and mentoring quality mobile developers of today.
Process for Success
While assisting their customers, the FPC team recognized another challenge where companies struggle with the iterative software development process. The days of big requirements and long release cycles are gone. As with so many apps, the challenges become differentiation and ease of use. Nearly all app ideas have competitors in the market, and the FPC team helps clients concentrate on doing things a little differently and a lot better in order to come out on top.
Co-founder Jerry says, “To be an innovator, you have to get high-quality products to market quickly.  This requires a good process, but also a lot of flexibility and the ability to prioritize and make decisions quickly.”
Five Pack Creative’s Vision
FPC is a mobile expert and a leader in native mobile development in the Dallas market and beyond. Whether it is custom development, advanced staffing services or developer training, FPC will continue to serve their clients with the same flexibility that has proven to be beneficial time and time again.

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