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Five Best Apps on phone for a Simplified Life

Will Rogers once said, “Half of our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time which we have rushed through life trying to save.”

Smartphones are making our life easier with the variety of solutions. Five Best Apps are making peoples life hassle-free by bringing everything we need at the touch of the fingertip.

Simplifying the Smartphone Itself
Smartphones are making the life easier but are also trapping the users to its apps. With thousands of time-saving applications available in the App Store, there are many ways to make their life easier. Instead of endlessly scrolling through social media, time is better utilized to read articles on Medium or The Athletic. Instead of following pointless news updates, listen to podcasts or catch up on emails that are important. These steps will reduce a lot of clutter out of daily life and simplify their life.
There could be a lot of apps on the phone which are downloaded but rarely used. They are easy to find and hence delete or uninstall them to save the valuable processing power. There are many useful online applications that are used frequently for official purposes. These applications have their mobile versions with the app. Every user can determine whether they really need to work on them from mobile. If not, deleting them is the right way. Another way to properly use of a phone is to disable all notifications from nearly every app. The only ones that are essential for quick communications like SMS, Whatsapp or email can stay. Whatever is seen on screen can distract us from the current purpose therefore removing all apps from home screen creating and search-based interface could be a useful method. Grouping apps based on their functions like communication, social media can also help in organizing the phone.
So these are the five best techs, which will help to save the time and simplify the life.
Google Assistant: Personal Secretary
Multiple Actions can be carried out through voice commands. It also has a new capability that enables user to ask for multiple things at the same time. Google Assistant is ahead of rivals like Amazon Echo with Google home. It has information about the user from Android such as it knows the office and home locations, what a user searches for, it also knows about friends, browsing habits, the contents of the calendar.
GrubHub: Food Delivery Anywhere
It is easy to use this mobile app for food delivery. It is a web and mobile-based company where users can enter their address to find all of the restaurants that deliver to their location or offer pickup. It can further simplify the search with the use of filters such as cuisine, restaurant name or menu item hence giving the users exactly what they are looking for. Customer service team makes sure that people get exactly what they ordered. Users can place an order online or by phone, free of charge in addition to the reviews, coupons, special deals.
Netflix: Unlimited Entertainment
Netflix is so simple to use and any kind of set up is not required. Simple login is enough from the computer to use for a vast library of TV shows and movies. It can also be conveniently used from a phone or tablet. Users can enjoy the programmes without being interrupted by ads or commercials. Netflix  can also be used to download the content and users can watch the videos later in offline mode at their convenient time and place. This is useful for travellers who may be in a place with less connectivity.
Fitbit: Wearable Fitness Tracker
Everybody today is glued to their jobs from morning to evening and leading a hectic schedule. They need time to check on their health which is made possible with a wearable fitness tracker device like Fitbit. It is a little wristband which can be operated through a smartphones and tracks vital health statistics, like speed, steps, and distance covered. It tracks the sleep time also to ensure that user has enough quantity of sleep.
Uber: A Comfortable Taxi Drive
This is a simple app which pinpoints your location, gives you a quote to get to your destination and you’re promptly picked up at a smart price. Now there is no need to carry money in your pocket anymore, it even links to your bank account so you don’t need cash on you to pay for the ride. All these apps are useful on the smartphone, but the smartphone itself can be a great time waster.
These apps can reduce the efforts and time spent on searching for the needs.. We need something that will save our time with useful and simple functioning. These apps can help by making repetitive and simple tasks less tedious with just a tap. Moreover, simplifying the way of working with the smartphone itself can be a great technique to simplify the life.

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