FinTech: Futurizing the Way of Financial Services

From the last two decades, we have observed tremendous advancements in the field of internet and wireless technology. Internet is becoming more faster and reliable with continuous innovations and improvements. In addition to that, mobile phones and similar gadgets are becoming more smarter and convenient to use that is making people more gadget-friendly.
Every month we are getting some new features or technologies in the smartphones and gadgets from the top OEM’s. Introduction of IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are adding the next level of convenience to human lives. Nearly, many of our daily tasks are accomplished online by using smartphones or other gadgets.
The popularity and usefulness of newer technologies made every industry in the market to follow the technological boom. The financial industry also adopted the same trend well before and today nearly all of the financial services are available online through websites as well as mobile apps. To provide these advanced disrupting financial services, Financial Technology (FinTech) has come into existence.
FinTech includes financial services such as mobile payments, fund transfers, loan allocation, asset management, insurance, trading, crowdfunding and many more. Nearly all leading banks and financial institutions have introduced their mobile apps. So, every financial transaction is possible on the fingertips of the customer. The FinTech also includes cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, which has been fulfilling changing needs of the global financial world with their accurate, secure, transparent, and decentralized operations.
The reach of FinTech is not limited to the financial services only, but it has been deeply penetrated in every sector of businesses. Every business is having some direct or indirect link with FinTech. Remarkably, the FinTech industry is growing very fast with its simple and convenient solutions.
The role of FinTech in businesses or institutions is impossible to eliminate. So, this greatness of Fintech industry has made us go for the issue; 2019’s Leading Fintech Companies to Watch. In this issue, we have highlighted some companies whose efforts for innovations in FinTech and exclusive offerings must be praised.