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Find Solution Artificial Intelligence: Tailored Interactive Curriculum through AI

Find Solution AI has developed an AI-driven Motivation Model Software incorporated with a Deep Learning model to read users’ emotions and generate real-time interaction and motivation.
FSAI’s innovative product is distributed as Software as a Service (Saas) solutions for educators, schools, healthcare providers and corporates. It is capable of real-time understanding of each user’s behavior and cognitive awareness. Find Solution uses this capability to create a tailor-made, interactive curriculum where all users have the chance to participate and engage in learning and compliance training.
FSAI’s AI-driven motivation model currently has 16 patents pending worldwide. The company’s USP lies in being able to instantly measure the emotions of learners while they are working on a given math exercise. This allows an assessment of their individual knowledge, understanding, learning traits, and behavior.
The real-time objective is to motivate the learner, maximize learning efficiency, minimize pressure from exams, and to develop self-confidence. Based on the AI report, parents and teachers can gain a deep understanding of students’ academic performance and personal development.
Astounding Products
Launched in Q3 2017, 4LittleTrees is FSAI’s first AI-driven iPad Motivation Application. It comes with almost 100,000 preloaded mathematical questions and other educational material for students aged 5 to 18 to learn mathematics in class or after class.
In the past four months, 15 Hong Kong government schools have subscribed to the application; these contracts are valued at USD 2.1 million.
One of FSAI’s best-selling products, 4LittleTrees (4LTs) is not suitable for just teachers and students, but also for organizations like professional bodies, corporate firms, and education institutions. FSAI always upholds its motto of “Smart Learning, Positive Mind”.
The company understands the demand for AI solutions. Its mission is to solve real-world challenges by providing an adaptive and personalized learning experience. Using four unique algorithms, 4LTs can figure out a user’s needs based on the dynamics of their emotions and their performance on any topic or subject.
This understanding is then used as a tool to motivate them.
4LTs also provides prediction and increases learning efficiency from 3% to 12% with customized learning.
Maximizing the Potential of AI
The term ’Artificial Intelligence’ too often conjures up images of advanced technology used for entertainment or to make life more pleasurable. FSAI decided to innovate and explore the true potential of artificial intelligence by implementing it in education and training.
FSAI’s Founder, Ms. Viola Lam is a multi-award-winning educator with 12 years of education experience. She has served thousands of students through her three FS Education Centers. Viola’s self-developed unique motivation and learning methodology helps students improve performance by as much as 10% within 2 months.
Her husband, Mr. Matthijs Dolsma is a Chief Software Architect. He has 10 years of experience in the field of artificial intelligence, specifically in Machine learning and Machine imaging in semi-conducting industries in NXP (former Philips). It was there that he developed a deep learning model to process the production images of NFC payment chips with 70 billion data per machine annually with 99.9999% efficiency and accuracy.
The company is integrating the ideas of advanced technology and interactive education, resulting in a unique self-motivation model on teaching and learning. “We believe the uniqueness of the model will be popular and used widely in both primary schools and secondary schools”, asserts Ms. Lam.
4LTs has been specially developed to create a better learning atmosphere for children with special needs and their teachers, and to provide comprehensive data on conditions such as ADHD and Autism.
Distinguished Leadership
FSAI was founded in Hong Kong in 2016 by Ms. Viola Lam who is also the CEO of the company. She won the Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 Award from Youth Business International. This is one of the world’s most highly-regarded awards because it celebrates young entrepreneurs who make positive contributions to the society.
Ms. Lam was selected by the judges over 1,000 notable competitors from 68 countries for her far-sighted vision for education, clear and sustainable business model, benefits to the community, and her ambitious plans for growth.
2017 was a significant and fruitful year for FSAI – it won 10 different awards including being named the Xin Hua Net–AI Learning Application Winner, Ing Dan–iFuture 2017 winner, Cyberport Incubator Pitch day winner, 1st runner-up at the Chinese government’s Innovation & Entrepreneur Competition 2017, finalist at the Harvard Business School Pitching Top 25 Innovators, Top 25 AI Companies, the Best Performance of Cyberport 2017, finalist, and the Most Innovative Award of JUMPSTARTER 2017. Most recently, FSAI became the Gold Winner in Smart Living, ICT Award 2018
Grateful to Clients and Investors
FSAI faced numerous challenges pertaining to resources and financial support. However, it has managed to overcome them and is grateful for the support from its clients and investors.
“Their trust means a lot to us. We have successfully raised USD 1 million from Japanese and Korean investors in just six months. Their comments on our products have stimulated us and contributed a lot to our development, making our product more attractive and user-friendly. As a startup company, it is very challenging for us to extend our business network. Yet, we were extremely lucky that we had a strong support from Cyberport. We successfully started the pilot learning program with two MNCs and thirteen government schools in 4 months”, says Ms. Lam.
Industry Scenario
Ms. Lam asserts, “There is positive growth potential in terms of using cognitive computing. We believe AI is going to be popular worldwide and expect that deep learning in a motivation model can provide instant data insights for different user behaviors. Related time-consuming procedures can be eliminated. Users’ psychological reactions regarding study progress and mental development could be unveiled with effective statistical intelligence.”
Future Outlook
FSAI’s current focus is on the Hong Kong market with its 1,100 schools and a B2B2G model worth eight billion HKD annually. The company is expanding into compliance training and providing user cognitive awareness insights in healthcare in Hong Kong and three big cities in China.
It expects to close Series A in Q2 2018 for further development in software and expanding markets. FSAI also expects to build a third-party SDK and to use its motivation models in different industries in Q3 2018.
The company is working with corporates to provide white label or data insight for user behavior. It plans to implement a B2B model in China and India in 2018.
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