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Christopher James Camut | President, Director & Chief Executive Officer | Field Squared

Field Squared: The Digital Backbone of Field Service Operations Management

Meet Field Squared —a pioneer in the field service automation software market; who is trailblazing a novel approach to enable organizations via its all-in-one solution to manage service operations. Its automation software is the only solution that helps companies’ future-proof field operations, realize revenue faster and achieve new levels of mobile workforce efficiency.
The company’s President, Director, and CEOChristopher James Camut, explains its mission to provide an all-in-one automation software to enable businesses to manage their field service operations, enterprise assets and mobile workforce from a single pane of glass. He also emphasizes its vision to enable rapid digital transformation of field service businesses.
The Journey behind Field Squared
The field service technology landscape is noisy, with the typical software provider falling into one of two categories. The first category is software that narrowly focuses on solving a single problem by offering a single solution. For instance, only mobile forms. The second category is software that focuses on a problem faced by a single industry, such as Telecommunications or Oil & Gas. The company soon recognized there was a massive unmet need for an all-in-one software solution that solves for many challenges service organizations face regardless of industry. The company was founded on the observation that there was a desperate need in the market for all-in-one software that could bring together enterprise operations across field service management, enterprise asset management and mobile workforce management, by applying business process automation. The Field Squared Field Service Automation Platform was purpose built to empower organizations with deep capabilities, with a broad range of solutions—from scheduling and mobile forms to inventory management of parts and equipment and end-to-end workflow automation.
Field Squared is uniquely powerful, enabling automation of simple to highly complex business processes to reduce or eliminate redundant, repeatable tasks. By automating partial to full aspects of service management, operations managers and the mobile workforce in the field significantly increase efficiency and effectiveness. Automation is further applied via integrations that orchestrate automatic updates across the many disparate third-party systems, tools and software field service organizations use every day like ERP, OMS, CRM, GIS, EMR.
A Paradigm Shift for Field Service
The changing landscape of technology available to field service organizations today is unlike at any other point in time. Artificial intelligence coupled with augmented reality, are generating game-changing solutions for mobile workforces the world over. While not yet reaching mainstream adoption, there is a marked buzz that a breakthrough is possible over the next few years.
There is a paradigm shift for field service at this very moment. Organizations large and small are no longer accepting of software that only solves only one of their challenges. Instead, they’re looking for something that does everything all-in-one, while at the same time, has the capability to grow and scale as the business itself grows.
Most field service software requires the customer to compromise, forcing their highly individualized businesses processes, operations and workflows into the software defined requirements. To Field Squared, the entire concept of forcing a company to change their processes was never an option. These seemingly common software practices informed how the infrastructure of Field Squared was developed. Including being cloud-based and mobile-first, Field Squared is flexible, with the unique ability to configure to the needs of the customers’ business processes, thereby rendering the industry within which the customer operates entirely irrelevant.
Capabilities offered by Field Squared are typically found in three to four separate pieces of software and include: scheduling and dispatching, team location tracking, asset and inventory management, timecards, digital mobile forms, real-time in-app collaboration, customer experience management, and interoperability with third-party systems, among others.
The Digital Backbone Across Business Operations
Digital transformation of field service businesses is accelerating, as more companies realize the need to move faster and with fewer resources. The Cloud makes it easy to adopt, roll-out and see immediate impact across the business. This is especially true when it comes to full-fledged business process automation software the Field Squared Platform provides. The of the extensibility and ability to connect every fact of the organization, eliminates silos. Without an all-in-one software platform, businesses lack the full picture into their field operations. Field Squared is leading this paradigm shift of digital transformation in the field service space as the digital backbone to make it all happen.
A Glimpse into Field Squared’s Future
It is clear Field Squared understands the many challenges faced by service organizations. As such, it’s in the company’s DNA to continuously take advantage of leading-edge solutions to enhance the Field Squared Platform in order to solve for the future needs of its customers. “Our customers trust in Field Squared software to empower everyday operations. We strive to exceed expectations, pulling the entire industry forward by offering ground-breaking solutions,” the company emphasizes. Being an innovator, Field Squared is always evolving. In 2020, the company will incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities into Field Squared. These solutions will enable its customers to do more with less, while further applying automation across their entire operations.
Winn-Marion is all about wowing our customers with the benefits of automation. I am pleased to have found a partner like Field Squared to do the same for our internal processes so that we can continue to innovate and grow.” – David Murphy, IT Supervisor at the Winn-Marion Companies
We were looking for a solution that could replace the manual, disjointed processes across our well site operations and asset management. Field Squared exceeded our expectations of what could be accomplished, allowing us to manage everything within their all-in-one software in the cloud.” -Rodney Moore, Chief Operating Officer at Schlachter Oil
We evaluated many other providers. Field Squared impressed us with their ability to configure to our business processes and easily integrate with investments we already made in other systems. With Field Squared, we improve our customer experience and bottom line at the same time.” -Eric Smith, Director of Software Development and Engineering at GWI
One of our favorite things about Field Squared is the confidence our customers have in us at getting the job done right the first time.” -Autumn Potter, Operations Manager at National Metering