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Fidello – The Human Performance Specialists

HR managers must deal with the human aspects of an enterprise, namely hiring, training, performance management, and succession planning etc. A quality consulting and solutions firm can play a pivotal role in making life easier for an HR manager by matching the need of the organization with quality human resources. Fidello is one of the renowned firms specializing in improving human performance and helping its clients to identify strategic competencies and human resource behaviors that drive strategic results. They help their clients to develop and implement integrated systems for such purposes as performance management, training and development, selection and recruitment, succession planning, and career management etc.
A Leader who has built the Leading HR Services Firm
Chris Bjorling, Founder of Fidello, Inc., established the organization 30 years ago and has been leading it from the front as the President since the beginning. At Fidello they believe, “One Size Does Not Fit All.” His biggest strength is his ability to identify and address the unique needs of each client individually and help them with the design and delivery of human resource solutions that give them a competitive advantage in their marketplace. Through appropriate front-end analysis and diagnostics, he successfully crafts talent management solutions meeting the exact needs of his clients.
The Significant Attributes of the Company
Fidello believes in their ability to meet their client’s unique needs by helping them overcome obstacles standing in the way of their success. Their willingness to be agile makes them outshine others by providing solutions that specifically meet the needs of their client and fit their culture. As explained by Chris himself “Our core belief is that there is no “silver bullet” or a “one-size fits all” solution, each client deserves to express their needs, leverage their unique culture, and look to achieve their strategic vision. We help them to succeed!
Offering Exclusive Products and Services
Fidello has created some unique products and tools to address their client’s requirements. These unique products help numerous organizations in bringing a focused integration and improvement to their people related work processes. Fidello’s products are designed to act independently to address a specific need or where appropriate combine with other products to provide a single user interface performing numerous interrelated activities. Some products and services provided by Fidello are listed below:
Competency Models
Competency models often provide the fundamental elements for aligning HR processes in an organization. A focused and relevant model provides the foundation that will ensure full integration and reinforcement in the spectrum of attracting, motivating, and retaining the best talent. This ready to use model has been developed by Fidello consultants over the last 17 years. It is the result of primary research, working with their clients, and insight gained through observation and practice. It stands alone as a model of general business competencies or as a resource that an organization can use to build a customized competency model fitted to their business model and culture.  Fidello also offer a competency identification workshop that defines an organization’s unique competencies within a day and a half.
HR WEB Solution
HR Web is a comprehensive Internet-based talent management solution serving for the needs of the organization.  The modules are designed to act independently or where appropriate, combine with other modules to provide a single user interface performing numerous activities seamlessly. HR Web offers many advantages; some of them are listed below:

  • Quick access for everyone connected to the Internet
  • No hard drive overload (no software is installed on an end-user PC)
  • Immediate information and results for employees and managers
  • Reporting opportunities offer completely up-to-date information immediately when you need it—no waiting for collection
  • Minimal maintenance and information is easy to update

Leading Indicators
Leading Indicators™ is a solution for Leadership Management. This is a research-based, online multi-rater tool designed for leaders and organizations to assess both present and future leadership capacity. Leaders may use this model as a self-paced development tool to identify gaps between where they are and where they need to be. This model also allows leaders to quickly spread feedback surveys to leaders and generate reports.
Fidello also provides other consultancy services to their clients according to their expectations. This includes competency development, performance management, succession planning, selection & recruitment, training and development, etc.
Current Industry Scenario with HR Technology
Currently, there is a lot of movement of smaller or soloed offerings and organizations being purchased and integrated into larger organizations complimenting a tool that they may currently offer. The players are becoming bigger, and in doing so they are moving farther from delivering solutions that can accurately meet a client’s specific needs.
Creating a Pool of Satisfying Clients  
Fidelo has been in this segment of the industry longer than most of its competitors. As such they do have a great breadth of experience and this experience is invaluable in helping clients with solutions fitting their needs.  Based upon their software tools that cover all aspects of talent management, the company can mix and match capabilities to provide a focused solution meeting with their needs. The company’s size provides an agility that delivers tailored solutions to their clients. Overtime, Fidello can rapidly address changes or provide additions to the solution as their client matures in using talent management tools.
Future Footsteps of Fidello
As Fidello moves forward they are simplifying their configuration process, enabling clients enhanced flexibility in managing their processes and experience. They endeavor to constantly improve their products and services based on their work with their clients.

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