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Fidello: The Name that has become Synonymous to Uniqueness

Being unique is always better than being, “just like the others.” The unique positioning of a company attracts a potential client’s attention and ultimately drives more business to the company. That uniqueness also nurtures a bond of trust with the clients and provides the added advantages of efficient, reliable, and creative services. Fidello, an established company in the field of HR technology space is also a firm believer of crafting unique solutions for each of its clients and has built a strong reputation by transforming a client’s needs and desires into reality. Fidello believes that no two clients are the same. Each client has their combination of needs and culture that will lead to their unique solution. One solution made for one client may not be a fit for another. Fidello has a mission by which they work, that is empowering their clients by creating unique human resource solutions specifically fitting their needs while leveraging their corporate culture.
Fidello’s software as a service module approach to their Talent Management suite has the potential to quickly deliver unique customized solutions for its clients. The software is known as HR web and, it has been serving the clients since its online inception in 1996. This software has many modules that support onboarding surveys, performance management, competency assessment, succession planning, learning management, career planning, organizational planning, exit surveys, and more. Each of these components can be tailored to meet a client’s specific needs and can be combined in whole or in part to create a complete client solution. These unique client-based solutions fit the strategic needs of the organization and match or enhance the organization’s culture. For clients, not just willing to “tic” a checkbox that they have a solution, but clients that need a solution enabling their talent management vision efficiently and affordably, Fidello proves to be a most valuable option. Their unique approach has produced solutions for clients across the globe. These solutions and their results have even been referenced by clients and discussed in publications such as Harvard Business Review among others.
USP of Fidello
Fidello was founded in 1987, and in these 30+ years they have proved themselves as expert consultants having expertise in designing solutions around performance improvement that addresses all aspects human resource management. The USP of Fidello is to identify the unique need of its clients and assist them in designing and delivering varied human resource management solutions that ultimately gives its client a competitive advantage in their respective marketplace. Fidello has helped their clients to create or modify systems designed to attract, develop, reward, and retain individuals who can meet the organizations high standards of strategic performance while embracing and enhancing their culture.
Accomplishments that Prove the Worthiness of Fidello’s Products
Fidello has been applauded by its clients for its agility and entrepreneurial spirit in tailoring and updating systems to meet the changing client demands and the developing talent management maturity within the organization. Many prominent media houses have also recognized Fidello’s contribution towards the field of HR technology. It has been listed among one of “The 10 Most Valuable HR Technology Solution Providers 2017” and “Top 10 Talent Management Software Solution Providers 2017” by prominent global magazines.
Torchbearer of Fidello
Chris Bjorling is the President and CEO of Fidello. He believed that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach does not work in this modern day and to be on the bleeding-edge of any business an organization must develop unique solutions that are not only innovative but customized as well. It was in this belief that Fidello today tastes the different flavors of success. His ability to see a clear solution from a unique set of client variables and distinct culture has made Fidello a leader in custom solutions.
Qualities that are Pulling Customers towards Fidello
Fidello attracts clients because of their unique approach. Too often competitive solutions offer little customization or are not able to leverage an organization’s unique culture: these limits make Fidello an attractive alternative to selecting a solution. Fidello has many years of experience in not only creating unique software tools but also in providing consulting in support of the tools and processes that allows the client to feel secure in using time-tested approaches as well as adding in trendsetting focus.
Future Perspective of Fidello
Fidello will continue to improve its ability to provide cutting art talent management solutions leveraging the most recent advances and conforming to the usage trends of their client’s workforce. They will continue to make their products and modules more configurable while not limiting their ability to achieve their strategic talent management plan.

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