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Fidello: Leveraging Human Performance at its Best

Currently, the global Human Resource Management sector is driving through the complexities of demand and supply at an exponential rate. The industry players are focusing on solutions that are fully integrated. They are pulling novel solutions and assembling them under a single label. The large as well as small-scale organizations are playing at the forefront of innovation and rolling out remarkable human resource management solutions.
Founded in 1987, Fidello is a pioneer in addressing all aspects of the human resource management. With more than three decades of experience in consulting and developing solutions around performance improvement, the company plays a pivotal role in crafting-out integrated and seamlessly tight solutions.
Team Fidello is best known for its abilities to identify and address the unique needs of the clientele. These abilities are holding the reigns of Fidello’s foundation. Since its inception, these abilities have been the fuel to its strategic engine, helping the company to design and deliver unique human resource management solutions. The company has been instrumental in creating and modifying systems designed to attract, develop, reward, and retain individuals who can meet the organizations high standards of strategic performance while embracing and enhancing its culture.
Meet the Zealous Frontrunner
Chris Bjorling is the Founder, President and CEO of Fidello. His ability to see that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to product and solution development from the beginning does not work for the client trying to satisfy their needs has let Fidello do what it does best.  He has been effective in stirring innovative solutions for a unique set of client variables and distinct culture demands has made the company a leader in customized solutions.
About Fidello
Fidello is a consulting firm specializing in improving human performance. The company plays a vital role in identifying strategic competencies or behaviors that drive strategic results. It helps developing and implementing integrated systems such as Training & Development, Selection & Recruitment, Succession Planning, Performance Improvement and Management, Learning and Career Management, Competency Development, Development Planning, Leadership Development, and Job Profiles.
Fidello’s HR Web™ Software meritoriously manages the systems – making the systems, reports, and data available to the people that need them to make strategic decisions and achieve strategic results. With key consultants having 15-20 years of experience the company had successfully served several international, national, and regional organizations.
Fidello’s unique approach has been the center of attraction for the clients in its sector. Too often competitive solutions offer little customization or are not able to leverage an organization’s unique culture, these limits had made the company an attractive alternative in selecting best-in-class solutions. Vast experience of creating unique software tools and empowering these tools and processes with cost-effective philosophy is what best describes Fidello. This assures the clients with the security to use time-tested approaches, adding-in trend-setting focus, thereby unlocking newer success doors for the company.
Over the years, the company has outshined its competitors and attained a benchmarking niche in its sector through its novel approach and unified efforts. The solutions delivered by the company have even been referenced by clients and discussed in renowned publications such as Harvard Business Review and others.
Boosting-up the Client Satisfaction
“For clients, willing to just not ‘tic’ a check box that they have a solution, but our clients recognize the need for a solution that enables their talent management vision at an affordable price, Fidello proves to be a most unique and valuable option,” says Chris. Since its initial days of establishment, the company has been delivering prominent solutions that offer world-class experience to its clients across the globe. The company’s agility and entrepreneurial spirit in tailoring and updating systems to meet the changing needs and the developing talent management maturity boosts client satisfaction beyond the horizons. The company also focuses on creating solutions that match the desired needs of an organization so that it can manage the workforce effectively.
Instead of contributing to its sector with items or activities that are irrelevant and not expressed in organizationally specific language, Fidello provides user-friendly tools that support an organization’s culture at its best.
The Next Big Thing
While the HR-Tech industry has shifted to providing more responsive and adaptive solutions that work for organizations on the go using hand held devices, the company has the ability to carve-out integrated solutions with positive results at the user’s fingertips. Leveraging the most recent advances and trends in the human resource management, Fidello will continue to improve its ability to provide cutting-edge talent management solutions.
“We will continue to make our products and modules more configurable by our clients while not limiting their ability to achieve their strategic talent management plan,” concludes Chris.